Wednesday, April 02, 2008

.. Waiting..

After 1 hour drive to Damansara,
Now i'm waiting for the class to start,
waiting for the rest of the members to come,
Waiting for the instructor to start the lecture,
It's quite relaxing being trained, without the need to sit for any exam,
Without the pressure of completing works,
Without the need to rush for dateline.

it's my 3rd days for the training,
left with 2 more days,
left with 2 days of leisures and pleasure,
Before joining for war again,
War at Spansion...

Some of them sayign that Spansion is like a prison,
Where you can't opt to go out and eat your lunch,
Where you are being forced to eat Spansion's (prison) food,
Where you must wear their shoes,
Where you must works for Spansion (just like those prisoners in cutting the grass, breaking the rock-Hahahah!)

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