Tuesday, April 15, 2008

:.. Spansion IT ..:

Spansion IT's department staffs

Spansion Kl Sdn Bhd's IT..
There are 13 of us, 4 from Infra team, 3 from Business team, 4 from MES team (i'm one of them), and last but not least our BIG BIG BOSS (lady in the center-3rd from left)
Feel strange why i'm green while the rest are white? Because i forgotten the photoshoot day, and wore the shirt that i pick from closet.
And i feel so bad being so outstanding in the picture..Hahaah! What to do, will look outstanding even without the green shirt .. :P

Different team will handle different of job role,
Infrastructure team will handle hardware,database related support,
While Business team will handle business-related application and support like payroll system, purchasing system, and etc,
And lastly MES (Manufacturing Execution System) will handle production related application and support.

Different team will have their own job difficulty and issues,
But personally, i think MES team is the most strain team as we need to handle production issue, which is urgent to everyone, and must be solve FAST...
And unfortunately / fortunately, i'm one of them.. :)

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