Saturday, April 12, 2008

:.. It's Party Time!! ..:

"Welcome to my party!" ♪

Finally, its time for her big day!
A bash party has been thrown for her at a cafe located at Damansara.
Everything looks perfect, from the Birthday Cake, the presents, the ballons, the bear bear, the food, the environment, the party,everythings looks great!Feel great!

Amanda got the chances to meet many new friends (babies/childrens brought by the guests). It's good to let her get around with others, so she will not be shy or reluctant to play. At the same, she got alot of presents for her 1st birthday, ranges from big size to small.

I got my present too...For guessing the correct answer, for the quiz of the day. "How many ballons were tied in the cafe today?"..The answer is 51!!!!!!! I guessed it correctly! After 7-8 random guesses!

"It's my party!"

Lovely Bear Cake & Lots of bear bear..

"I'm one year old!"

Candle blowing time!

Guests for the day

Party favor for the day, i got mine too~Bear in the beg

Little cute bear (sewed with own-designed logo)

My Quiz Present!

Un-wrapped present ( bear owl-alike-coin bank)


  1. hi elaine.....notice the little girl's name is Amanda. Is she your daughter? My daughter's name is Amanda too and she's turning 1 this June. ;)

  2. Hi Olivia...

    Amanda is my niece (a daughter of my eldest sister)..She was one, 12th April..

    Did anyone tell you that u look like Landy Lam, the Taiwan singer?Even more alike with your new hair cut.. :P

  3. Hi elaine..noticed u in my blog..i see u have a very happy family..anyway,just want to let u know that the 'bear coinbank' is actually a 'bird coinbank'..i m not sure if its an owl based on the shape of the lips..i used to sell that thing..cost almost 20..