Saturday, April 12, 2008

:.. Present for HER! ..:

Amanda Lee...

It's last minute shopping, to get a present for her 1st birthday. We'd been search for a suitable present for her. Toys, clothes, shoes, sandals, socks, everything since last 2 weeks. We doesn't seem to get a suitable present yet. So we try our luck again, dropped by Sunway Pyramid last Thursday night. We went to Jusco, babies/infants boutique, and at last Parkson. Finaly, we got what we want...A branded sandal for toddler, ADIDAS sandal. We saw many cute patterns and models....

It took us about 45 minutes to choose and measure, just to make sure we got the most suitable one for her. We measure the length of the shoes, we measure the width of the shoes, we flip to ensure it is comfortable, we bend to make sure it is not hard for Amanda to wear, we check for available sizes for all of them to make sure the promoter is not bored and got works to do... :)

FINALLY, we got this one for her!! (Scroll down.......)

Adidas Red/White/Navy Sandal for little cute one!

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