Sunday, March 30, 2008

..Here i am...working on Sunday..

Here i am again..working on Sunday..
Standby for Spansion quarter end..
I'm alone...without Micheal..without Kah Wai..without Hui Juin...
I will be off for training for the whole week next week..
31st March to 4th April..
Attending the cross-training borned by company..
Programming with C#..

I will be away from office for the whole week..
Yes la! So i will be away from user's complains and problems.. :)
Concentrating on mgaining my knowledge...concentrating to learn everything..
Without being distracted by all of the issues..
Attending the class reminded me of my study time..
My time at Informatics..My time at S.I.T...
Few years back, i was enjoying my free time, lepak'ing around..
I wish the time can turns back..turns back to the time ...
Where i can enjoy my sleeping time, my eating and playing time...

It's March will be the end of March..
It's time for salary again...
Its been some time i worked with Spansion..
Since 21st December..3 months ++
Time passed so fast..
i will be confirmed in another 3 months..i might be confirmed in another 3 months..depends..

Here is my territory in Spansion...Abit messy..but comfortable.. My first office's cubicle...

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