Friday, February 27, 2009

: I got the J.O.B but... :

For those who don't know, i went for an interview last week (shii~~ Don't tell my manager!). It is a software house provider company which is located at PJ, opposite PJ Hilton. I arranged it to be on Wednesday ( 2 days after the working agendy called me for a phone interview), as i need time to prepare myself before confront the interviewer.

I need to pack my certificates, i need to photostate them, i need to update my resume, i need to prepare myself with Q&A for interviews, i need to pick the appropriate attire for the interview, i need to practice answering questions in front of mirro, i need to get to know the road to the company (so i won't be late or get lost), i need to do alooooooooooooot of things.....

*Fast Forward* 2 days later........

The representative from the working agency called me to update me about the interview conducted last 2 days.

Philip : "Hi, Elaine. So how was the interview?"
Elaine : "Hmmmm, good but not the best. They (the company) was not satisfy with my technical background, my long notice period and my high expectation"
Philip : "Oh, that's what they told me also. But however, they are willing to offer you this job provided.........."
Elaine : "Provided with what?"
Philip : "Hmmmm, they are offering you RM400 below your expectation upon hiring, but to increase to your expectated amount after probation period (around 6 months), and they can't wait that long to get you hired"
Elaine : "Hmmmmm, i need to consider that, as it was lower than my current salary".


The conversation ended, with the request from me to ask him to negotiate the salary and i will figure a way on my notice period. But i know, there is no other way, other than me to compensate Spansion for 1 month, which i think it's not reasonable.

I'm considering, and still considering. Considering whether to choose:

Option 1: To accept their offer, to resign from Spansion, and to compensate Spansion for leaving earlier.
Option 2: To reject the offer, continue working at Spansion till it goes bancrupt.
Option 3: To reject the offer, to resign from Spansion, and start looking for another job after resignation (this will shorten my notice period to my new company)
Option 4: To reject the offer, continue working at Spansion, continue looking for jobs, and resign once other company confirm to hire me (and willing to wait me for 2 months)

I know i'm capable to outstand during interview, but with my current technical background (half-tong-water), it's quite to convince the employer to pay higher.

I know i can easily find a work if i resign now, provided not being picky about enviroment, salary, location, allowances, etc etc.

But............too many but...and it's hard for me to decide...What do you think?? Maybe you are the angel, who can light up the light bulb on top of my head!

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  1. Option 1.

  2. Anonymous, but i need to compensate the company for 1 month. And i will earn back that one month in few months time with new company.

    Worth it?

  3. pray Spansion bankrupt SOON~!!!
    i am so cruel..
    cough cough.

    i go for option 1 as well. =____="
    i think it's worth lo for long term.

  4. Donna : Feel like hmm seh tak to waste my one month of salary to pay for this company. T____T.. one month leh, i can do quite alot of things with my one month.


  5. Option 1...
    Because u want to leave
    Because u have other plan
    Because u hate canteen's food
    Because u hate doing the same thing everyday
    Because u want to wear nice high heel shoes while working (as u can only wear the ugly white "fake crocs" shoe now)
    Because u want to get ur ASS out of Spansion
    Because u don't think company need u as others
    Because company can survive without u
    Because nobody appreciate ur existence in Spansion (and some of them even categorized u as "RUDE IT Staff")

    Need more reasons? Nay.

  6. hehehe.. i know the feeling..
    you see, i applied for KPLI already.
    and IF i am selected, i will need to leave this company immediately because the government will only notify you 1 or 2 weeks BEFORE you gonna start the course.
    so i already thinking a way to escape paying my company already.. ZzZZ

  7. Donna : How how? Is there a way? Teach me also, i also want to know that way. SO i can leave immediately without paying even one cent (my dream).

    Mr/Ms ANO : That are the reasons basd on my wish list. But, rationally, need to consider alot of rational things. Sighh~

  8. oi! leng mui... r u interested to do static 1 page website with standard format? 1 page for RM150. Interested, then let me know..

  9. John, what kind of static page + standard format?

  10. static mean 'mati' punya... no 'gerak-gerak' punya.. std format mean every page the format is the same.. same design, color & text.. just the info & pic u hv to tukar for each company.. simple as tat... pic also 1 or 2 only..

  11. John,
    I'm interested, but i will need information and detail to proceed with the design. Such as;

    1) Website content
    2) Website theme (if any)
    3) targeted audience (lady, kids, general, professional,etc)
    4)Market (ie: selling what kind products, information base or what)