Thursday, January 22, 2009

:.. Yee Sang for CNY 2009 ..:

Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni~~~~ It's just 3 days away from 2009 Chinese New Year.. So for the 1st year, we (KL IT Department + KL Planning Department) joining force for the dinner organized by our head of department, LE Loi.

Sri Pinang Restaurant, Sect 15 Shah Alam has been selected as the venue for the event. We departed from office around 5:30pm, and everybody reach there before 6:00pm. Just nice, as it started to rain around 6:30pm.

There are total 17 of us as we filled 2 tables. Tell you what, 17 of us conquered the whole 2nd floor of Sri Pinang. We "booked" the whole 2nd floor for our dinner.. Ba Pei leh~~~ *hahhahaah*

Nola, it's empty because we were there early for our dinner. Dinner at 6:oopm, quite an early dinner. So, we manage to talk loud, and do whatever we want!We begin our dinner with thai-style yee sang (since it's thai restaurant), and toss as high as posibble with some good words "High yield", "100% CMD" ,"0% CAMSTAR down time"...Hahahahha! So workaholic we are!

This is my 1st time of "lou sang" for the year. I guess the number of "lou'ing sang" this year will decrease due recession. *hahahah*

The "Yee Sang" for the day! Colourful huh~

Hmmm, yummyyyyy~~

After the yee-sang, the waiter started to serve the rest of the dishes, which include "Abalone", "Tau-hu+crab meat", "Sea Cucumber+Vege", "Thai Sweet&Sour Chicken", "Asam Fish" and "Prawn". And "ABC" not American Born Chinese, but Ais Batu Campur as the dessert.

It is the normal ice-berg ABC, but maybe it was prepared earlier, so the ice melted in the big bowl, and become some sort of weird chinese soup. Don't judge a dish from the look, as it taste good even though it doesn't looks like typical ABC.

"Is that the sea cucumber?" - Shannon asked

Looks temptating?

American-borned Chinese....oopssss...Ais Batu Campur for the day

So, as usual and compulsory for us to camwhore and take a group photos. "Di mana ada Tam Sook Ling, Di situlah ada GAMBAR+CAMERA"..Hahahahah~

Chinese New Year Feel......

Another sub-group photo

Last but not least, the group photo - Say Cheseeeeeeee

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