Tuesday, January 06, 2009

:.. The power of photoshop ..:

Adobe Photoshop, a powerful tool to use to touch-up photos. We all known about this, same as me. I used it to touch-up flaws on my photos (basic touch-up), until i get to know more on it here and tried to practise on picture below.

It teaches us on how to make photo lighter, brighter, remove pimples, wrinkle, add blusher, eye liner, fake eye lashes, and more...

Some of you might said "Cheh, its not the real you!"...Yes, i do agree, but we cant look PERFECT on real life, but we CAN in photos. So " you blow ah?" Hahahah!

Depends on circumstances la...We can look nice on photo sometime, especially on memorable photos..Wedding Photos, etc. We deserve to look nice. The differences with those wedding photos is WE CAN DO IT OURSELF...AND F.O.C!!

Great isn't it? We can even coloured our hair (maybe for testing purpose) before dying our real hair at expensive saloon, right?

Before photoshop * dull colour, dull complexion, wrinkles, eye bag, dark circle, chubby, plumpy*
* Click for bigger picture*

After photoshop * bright colour, nice make up, nice eye lashes, bigger eyes, thinner*
* Click for bigger picture*

Before * very very light make up, un-even hair color*
* Click for bigger picture*

After * with blusher, fake eye lashes, and blonded coloured-hair*
* Click for bigger picture*

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