Monday, January 05, 2009

:.. Restaurant Maggie Can Cook! ..:

I'm into this game recently...Restaurant Maggie You Can Cook! This is fun, as it require practise and continuous determination to beat the high score (in my case, Stephanie's score).

I played since last week, and not bad, my highest score was "4720". You can have a try, and trust me, its not as easy as you think!

Maybe a lil* bit summary of the game. You're the chief, and you need to cook based on the order from the customer. The dishes ranges from the combination of an egg, hot dog, bread, and noodle. Not to forget the drink (tea or coffee).

So you're given 120 seconds to complete as many dishes as possible to gain $$$$$$. The highest achiever is the one who can earn the most money in 120 seconds!

Download from link below, and open using Internet Explorer.

Elaine's Highest Score

Stephanie's Highest Score!!

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