Sunday, December 28, 2008

:.. I vomit blood ..:

Hahahah~ The blood from my gum.. I went to dental to clean my teeth yesterday, as I do not want to waste RM100 yearly provided by company for each of their staff for dental benefits. I made my way to one of the dental clinic "Klinik Pergigian Lim" located at Subang SS15, nearby to Taylor Business's Center.

Actually, to be frank, this is my first time in my 24th year of life to clean my teeth..ya ya ya...i know, we should clean/service our teeth at least once 1/2 year.....Ya ya ya ya...But.....

Back to the story, so i went and lie on the "bed" and start crunching my hand, and hold tightly on the chair's handler. And the dentist started to clean my teeth using somekind of tool (sharp metal + water blowing hole)....hahahahah! There goes the "screeching sound" produced from my teeth............After 2-3 minutes, she ask me to google, and i was shocked when i see so much of blood + small harden plagues on the sink (where i throw).

Blood = my gum was extra sensitive to pressure, where i easily bleeding even brushing everyday.
Harden Plague = food wastage for 24yrs! Fuhhh!! Unbelievable!

Now my teeth is plague-free! So fresh! *happy*happy*

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