Wednesday, December 10, 2008

..: Chinese New Year Shopping:..

Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni!!

We will celebrate 2009 Chinese New Year in one month++ time. That was fast! There are so many things need to be done before the big day coming * not wedding big day* -_-"
Clean house, clean room, clean the window, change bedsheet, change curtain, do CNY shopping, prepare new clothes, look for vacation plan, and bla bla bla bla....

But luckily, i've started to buy new clothes since the last 1 months, so shorten my pending list. It's quite hard for me to stand of the temptation to wear them, as i'm a person who urge to try new things when i knew i own it...Like those new clothes...

I will think of CNY, everytime my hand feel itchy to grab them and wear it to work..Grrr~~Geramnya...Another month for me to stand. Can u imagine how suffer i am?! OMG!! Just hope can stand for another one month...Else, i will need to waste money to buy new clothes again...

2009's chinese will be abit different for us, as both of my sisters will be on their confinement month during 2009 Chinese New Year, adding two little members to Tam's family, Lee's family, and Ng's family. Sure it wil be a prosperous year, with them.... Just can't wait to hear their "WUekkkkk, Wuekkkkk" sound......*hahahahahha*

Ng Shin Ru, Lee Zhi Cheng....We are waiting for you....

Let's come back to new year shopping..I left one pair of new shoe for 2009 CNY to complete my shopping spree for 2009. Any idea where to get nice and cheap high heel shoe?

Espirit 3/4 -Black dress

Padini Red Shirt

Espirit Long sleeve Brown Shirt

Adidas D S FireBreaker White jacket

Nichii Black Cotton Dress

Google Long Sleeve Black Shirt

Padini Stripe Cardigan

Padini 3/4 Sweater

Levi's 592 Straight Cut Jeans


  1. Leng lui, I think u've googled too much heh... It's Goggles! LOL.
    I thought i saw u wore the Adidas jacket in previous post??? Can't wait till CNY? Hahahahah.... Anyways, we share the same characteristics about on this issue!

  2. Hahahah~~, Ya, except that Jacket!! Cannot stand of that!

    However, will try hard for the rest! Kekeke~