Thursday, January 08, 2009

:.. I've become yi-yi *again* ..:

I've become Yi-yi for the second time, with the arrival of Ng Shin Ru on 7th Jan 2009, 9:57am. She was born safely and health'ly at SJMC Hospital with the companion of her beloved mom and dad.

My mom&Dad became po-po and kong-kong for the 2nd time too, but they had become ma-ma and ye-ye for the 5th times...Fuhhh~~~~

Amanda Lee Zhi Yann, my 1st niece..Was born on 12th April at Taman Desa Hospital, KL. She arrived with alot wrinkles wat luet luet (smooth) face, and quite dark when she was born. However, she grows into cute, fair and chubby toddler now..

Baby Amanda

Big Amanda

Ng Shi Ru, my 2nd niece was born with less wrinkles, and fairer skin. Her eyes seems to have bigger pupil as compare to Amanda. But no one knows how she will become after 1 yr, 2 yrs.......Maybe getting prettier? Getting fatter? Hahahahah! Let's wait and see...

However, let's see how our little girl looks like at age 1.5 days..Hahahahahah* She looks big isn't? Of course la, she was born at 3.2 kgs (>7 pounds).. Don't play play!

Q: What is your name?
A : Hi, My name is Ng Shin Ru

Q : How old are you?
A : I'm 1.5 days years old

Q : What is your uniqueness?
A: I got very very damn cute dimples..*wink*wink*

Q: What is your strengthness?
A : I can cry and yawn with a very big mouth

Q : What specialities you have?
A : I have a pair of cute *sepet* eyes, very high nose and mom-alike mouth (terbalik U)

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