Thursday, January 15, 2009

.. Her B'day Celebration ..

Kung Hui Juin..Some of you might knew who the hell is she..Hehehehhe! Its her birthday celebration today, @ office. Even though her actual birthday date is on 16th January 2009. She will take leave tomorrow, so her *boss* plan to get her a cake and let her officially cut it as her 1st birthday cake for the year.

Birthday Cake for the day

I was proudly being appointed to get the cake a day earlier at nearby cake house. I bought chocolate-mocha cake at The King's Giant , Section 13 night before today. As her buddy, knewing she's on constant diet-plan, so i write a comment on the cake "Stay Thin & Pretty!".....*hahahah* fit her most, and this for sure is her yearly hope!!! To at least reach 53 kgs by end of the year! Hahahaha! Opsssss....I hope you can't guess her actual weight now...*heheheh*

Me & Birthday Gal....Hmmmmm, women...shes 25th this year! Hahah!

I bought her Padini-grey top, which i bought last 3 weeks at Wan Utama, while shopping'ing with Khai Lian....I think this suit her, and most importantly ITS NOT A T-SHIRT which she always wear to work....*boring style* Hahahah!

She changed it, and yes, it do looks far far far better than her black-blackie polo-t-shirt.

She's wearing my gift...Nice isn't?.....Better than Polo-T! *wink*wink*

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