Friday, January 16, 2009

:.. There is a fire in Spansion..:

"Kriong!!!!!!Kriong!!!!" The ringing bell alarmed everyone in Spansion, and announcement was made, to order EVERYONE to run outside, and gather according to department.

IT department (which include me) was in the middle of meeting, and all urge to go to the field to safe our precious life!

Na....It's just a fire drilling, to practise on what we should do *IF* there is a REAL fire. We need to find the nearest emergency door, and gather at Spansion field. Sometime, i was thinking, if the field itszelf is on fire, where we should go then? Hmmmmm....

There are few stunts which were conducted for this fire drilling, which include real firemen, and real fire car, and real fire! Demo on how to use the estinguisher also part of the event. It was fun, and luckily, LUCKILY, it was not a sunny day. Fuhhh~~ Thank god, else we need to burn ourself (by the sun) at least for 30 minutes.

Some Spansion Volunteer trying to test whether the water hose works as intended
Demo on how to safe th
ose hurt

The real firemen arrive with their hose
People gather around, looking at the real firecar arriving after 15 minutes

Demo - Picit Picit Picit!!!!

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