Thursday, January 15, 2009

:.. Me, in 3 different casual hair style ..:

My hair style has been stagnant short for some time, almost 1.5 year *if not mistaken*. And recenlty i've decided to keep it long enough so i can curl my hair....

It need less than 1 hour to cut it short, but you need at least 2~3 years to get it long...Fuhhh~~~ It's so hard...So since i've been stopped tie'ng hair since then, so it's time for me to practise and start to get used of me without the "tail" next to my ear...Haahahah! Since victoria beckham changed her hairstyle to short pixie cut, so i must change also....

I started to get used myself with below casual hairstle, which i think need to be keep at least for 2 years...It ranges from ;
1) Fringe Short Bob Hair Cut
2) Fringe Short Bob Hair Cut with hair tuck into the hair
3) Fringe Shair clipped to become pony-tail-alike look (from the front)

Style 1 ~ Style 2

Style 3

It's still long long way to go to curl my hair......Aisay* No no no..Hair extension is not an option, as it is way tooooo expensive and it hurts toooo...I need..i NEED to wash my hair everyday....So it's really not convenience to have fake hair extension....

And i don't think its easy to de-attach also...which mean i can't detach it everyday, everytime i want to take bath.....So, no choice, let it grow naturally bah.....Stay tune.........for my new look...after 2 years...Hahahaha!


  1. wow! nicer nicer now!! yay~~~ haha... ;)

  2. Hei, Thanks Thanks.........But still short, still hard to clip... :p