Monday, March 30, 2009

:: Oh. I want one too ::

I always fantasizing how my future wedding would be in future. From the beginning of my pre-wedding photoshoot, my pre-wedding preparation, from my morning ceremony till my wedding dinner. Fuhhh~~

Which studio i will need to engage with, which photographer and videographer i should hire, which make up artist suit me the most, how will my ji mui plays my hubby, how much we need to spend on the red wine, how much we spend on the ang pow, who should i engage with for my presentation slide...

Presentation slide...A very important thing to be included for my dinner, as it will be used to entertain the guests and at the same time complete my wedding. My eldest sister used to modify a cartoon presentation slide for her wedding dinner opening event. She used like few months to edit the cartoon herself, to save money. As it is quite expensive to hire professional/free-lance flash animator to create one for us. The advantages for paying people, is we can design according to our love-story. And we just need to PAY MONEY!!!

Maybe it's too early for me to decide and think about, but it will be very fun and entertaining if i can have a specially designed wedding cartoon animation like one below. Do you know anybody who help us to create one as below with LOW LOW LOW price, but with HIGH HIGH HIGH quality? hahahahah*

YouTube : Wedding Cartoon Presentation Ceremony

I tried to Google "Stefine Production", trying to get the price for developing one animation. Who knows i can afford it, i can even get one for my future wedding. But, i fainted once i get to know the actual price...for the animation above. =__________=" *Tiong~~ Tiong~~* PENGSAN!

Multimedia Presentation PackageCartoon Animation with Multimedia Photo Montage (HOT)- Photo Montage with difference transitions
- Cartoon Animation: Character design base on couple look, created with given storyline - Optional
- max 40photo insert.
- Selection of your favorite song.
- DVD Video
Price: $1200 <-- It's in US Dollar ok!! =___="

Wish i know how to do animation as below,
Free Signature Generator


  1. eh... eh..
    i can see youtube from my office..
    Yay~~~ but when i click play, it say we're worry, this video is no longer available.

  2. elaine tam sook ling31/3/09 7:51 AM

    Eh, i can view from here leh..Maybe your company let you "syiok" seeing the main video page..but not alloing you to download?? Hahahahah~

    But u should see leh, very funny and syiok wan!!! :-P

  3. Start doing now lar...hahaha... then by the time our wedding u can do for us also! AHHAHAHAHA

  4. Elaine Tam31/3/09 8:04 AM

    Wah liao...i DUNNO leh!!!! I DUNNO!!! Hahahahah~~~ I remember my sister used to ask me to help her to touch up here and there....IT WAS SO HARD!!!!!!!!!

    It's like few thousands of frames to edit!! GIler man...Or u learn now la....By the time i get marry, you help me tooooo...ahahhaah~ O:-)

  5. thank u Polly..
    i want one too

  6. wow...the video is damn cute... hahahaha... make me recall of mine too! do u still my video or not? :P

  7. elaine tam sook ling4/4/09 5:27 PM

    errrr..........i remember, but i dont have the copy with me u have it??

  8. elaine tam sook ling4/4/09 5:29 PM

    Can to me i can post it a memories.....i also got contribute one ok...hahahahh~