Wednesday, March 11, 2009

:: Expired ::

I received a reminder from JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalanraya), reminding me to renew my driving license which will get expired at 11th March 2009, means today! This means i need to fork out money to donate to government, which will ended in "somebody's" pocket somehow someday. *wink*wink*

For those who does not have any driving license, or for those who never renew their driving license, or for those who never pay for his/her own driving license before, or for those who never bother to use expired driving license....The annual fee for renewing Malaysia "D" license is RM30 per year. Eh, not cheap leh, RM30! Per year wor....So the government has FIXED INCOME of RM30 from each driver in Malaysia.

1 person pay RM30, 10 person pay RM300, 100 persons pay RM3,000, 1k persons pay RM30,000, 10k persons pay RM300,000..........................................................infinite figure...

Wow! just imagine how much the government earn from us. And just imagine 1/3 Malaysia+Non-Malaysia drives! The figure is so unbelievable! The government should have enough money to subsidise everything...Rice, petrol, chicken, etc etc, and maybe subsidise our pocket money as well! Maybe pay us RM500 or RM1000 per month.. =____=" (errr, am i too greedy?!) I don't care, it's our money also!

Back to my renewing story, so i dropped by JPJ, Taman Rashna to renew my license. I parked inside their parking, and charged RM2.00 per hour. T________T...The government's income is unbelievable......Just imagine RM2.00 per car, 100o cars will give them RM2K, per day!

Oopsss, out of story again...I thought it would be very pack and jam with people, but suprisingly it's not. Believe me, it just takes 5 minutes to get my renewed license starting to count rom the moment i get my number. You know why? Because .....

* One office, one department with 10~15 peoples were specially allocated for ONLY revewing license<---- I'm sure they earned alot, to have such a lot of peoples to handle such easy things...

Anyway, i got my renewed license in 5 minutes, without the hassles of waiting for few hours, waiting for those "kononnya-busy" government staffs. *happy*happy*

It's time to share how my renewed license looks like! *hahahah*

Reminder letter

Before and after........with 2 years back photo~ =___=" , very lazy to re-take photo la...

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