Tuesday, March 17, 2009

:: IT camera Session ::

It's time for photo shoot again...Nothing much, just to fill up our free time..*hahhaha*.

Actually, IT want to have an informal photoshoot to spice up our IT department web page on our local internet. So i brought my camera, and charged it with full battery to fully utilize it.

Snap Snap and snap.....Want to know who's the victim that i caught for the snap snap session...Let's the picture talk....

Continue my posting (posting on 18th march morning, since now not sleepy anymore)..... So back to talking about my colleagues.. Mariam, my team mate had tender her resignayion letter, and she will leave soon. Even though 2 months sounds like far away from now, but sooner or later she will leave us 3 alone...

For sure, she feel release and maybe abit happy on her decision, as i know she wish to continue her study and at the same GET OUT OF SPANSION! Hahahahah*

But how about my life here? I still need to stay here for how long? Do you think i complain too much on working? Mumbling till you cannot tahan? I also think the same, cause there is some liquid flowing out from my mouth everytime i "mumbling" about my job here. =___="
Ya ya..."ngao bak pou" - vomit white bubble.. :)

Back row (from left) : Mariam, Me, LE Loi, Faridah, Hartinee
Front row (from left) : Anand, Teoh, Ariff, BS Ang, Micheal, Kah Wai

Formal one...Errr, i thought it should be informal one?

Yeah! This is one nice+cute informal IT photo shoot

Another victims........Lekat kapala tu....Kembar Siam~~ *hahahah*

Oppsss~ This "person" tersesat...She's not from IT, but since nobody willing to take photo with me. So she become the victim!

Wueeekk~~~ before leaving Spansion, Mariam Azwa! I will miss you! Wuekkkk!

Apa la kita buat tu??? Bincang hal negara ker? Si mariam ni looks so "manja"

AHHAHAHHAH * Another lost Spansion personnel.....

Mariam should take photo with all! Each and every Spansioners, before leaving us...

At last, it's our turn! MES team! Now it's 4, sooner it will left with 3....Aiiii~~~

Wuaaaa~ So sleepy, good night~~
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