Thursday, March 05, 2009

:.: Fake Maybank! U think i'm stupid? ::

Maybank! Oppsss..Fake Maybank, you think i'm stupid to believe in your "fake" email trying to steal my login ID and Password, then transfer all my bank money to YOUR account?!!! You 're so wrong!

Only STUPID BUFFALO people will fall onto your "FAKE Maybank" trick! For those who want to know..continue to read..

I receive a mail from my Yahoo Mail, from saying there is a virus and i need to login to verify the login account.Oh gosh, there are so many flaws in the mail! If YOU want to cheat, also please make something that looks real abit la.... =____="

Flaws :
1) The email -, that was so fake leh! Or at least create one dummy email or . Both of them looks better than his one right? Don't you think so?

2) The wording so simple, and doesn't sound professional at all! This fellow must be "boh ta che (no school in Hokkien)", and trying to cheat naive people.

3) Faded background colour (Logo & the background). Obviously they copied the logo from Maybank website, and finding difficulties in matching the original logo background colour.

So, don't you ever ever ever click on the link, and login as usual! Those bastard will transfer ALL you money to other account, and you will LOST everything! Be cautious!

Smart one,
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  1. testing..
    i post one b4 leh...

  2. Elaine Tam6/3/09 2:24 PM

    U post one b4? U mean comment? Or u post one Maybank Phishing website before? COnfius COnfius...

  3. i mean comment la...

  4. Elaine Tam6/3/09 7:13 PM

    Hahahahah~ Is it? It gone missing ka? Aiyo..Maybe this HaloScan Comment sot sot liao......nevermind la, post again...heheheh!