Tuesday, March 24, 2009

:: Grab ur CURSOR too ::

I always want to customize my blog's cursor for so long, but just couldn't find time to look and dig the code for it. Out of sudden, the adrenalin to change, flows and filled my brain, just 30 minutes before left my office from work yesterday.

I manage find the code and some animated cursors from this link, and added my froggie animated cursor. How was it? Nice or not?

You can select your prefered cursors and make it permanent in your blog main page also. Anoher widget to spice up your blog's interface.

Step 1:
Select your prefered cursor from the cursor range available from http://www.totallyfreecursors.com/

Step 2:
Get the code after choosing your cursor.

Or copy mine.

Green Jumping Froggie -->

Step 3:
Login in to Blogger account

Step 4:
Go to "Layout > Page Elements > Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript"

Step 5:
Copy the code into the area.

Step 6:
Save and BOOM, you'll get your new cursor! Easy isn't it!

Note : i've changed my cursor to jumping froggie (mouse over to see how the froggie change)

Hahahah* He's cute isn't it?

So, whats your prefered cursor? :)
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