Tuesday, March 24, 2009

:: I want to wear Bikini ::

*Blushing* Yes! You did not read wrongly, and i did not write wrongly.. I wonder why i hope to wear bikini for my upcoming Redang Trip. *hahahha*

But, i don't think i have the guts to wear it, since i don't even dare to wear sleeveless top, blouse or top, maybe not that often. Maybe i dont think i have have the "slim, standard, ergonomics" body to wear those attractive cum attracting clothes. =___="

I always envy them who can wear pretty, colorful and sexy bikini, then running around the beach, and become one of the MUST scenary for those "MA LAT LOU" who are sitting on the beach. Opsss...except the "MAT LAT LOU" part! =____="

I always imagining how will i look with a pink flowerish bikini? Exposing my tummy, thigh, arms, and part of my butt....hmmmmmm....Arrrrrrrrrrr.....hahahahah~~

But, how to determine whether a person's body is suitable to wear bikini suit?

They have breast, i had a pair too (quite a big one too leh! Don't play play!) . They have nice butt, i had one plumpy and chubby butt too..... but, maybe i got *abit* bye bye fat below my arm, *abit* oily and stubborn fat fat oil dangling on my thigh, *abit* streches on my butt andone "special" birthmark on my butt. Other than that, i think the rest looks perfect to me!

However, the flaws are more than good ones...Hmmmmm, the conclusion of the analysis is maybe i should not opt to wear bikini, to expose all my weakness to others. The world is small, who knows my friends, my relatives, your friends, your friend's friends, or his friends going to Redang too. T___T

But, re-considering my wish to wear the bikini...i think my body not too bad for it, as compare to those fat fat gal, like Britney Spears who dare to show off all of her FAT!

And i believe i'm not that fat, if to look from overall right? Not fat right? right? right?! Wei!!! Answer me la! Follow me by saying "NOT FAT!!!" So, i'm not fat right??! *heheheh*

For sure, not as fat as her! =___="

Can i wear bikini? Can i?
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  1. =________="

    Just wear it la... u are not fat la...

  2. Aiiiii~~~~ Cannot la...u never see me wearing only 2 pieces of leaves on top, and another below...hahahahah~


  3. hahahaha. Hello! u tak gemuk la. Dont be afraid la. Just wear the bikini!! u are my sopermodel-team-mate!! go Go go! :-P

  4. Polly~~
    * shy.. I assume u were saying "i am not fat".
    * shy..

  5. Elaine Tam26/3/09 4:41 PM

    Ok, ur the 3rd person who encourage me to wear BIKINI...hehehehhe~~~ Hmmmmm, or like this, find one day i show you in the toilet...

    Then u can re-consider to stick with your statement "YOU TAK GEMUK, WEAR IT LA" or change it to become......."HMMMM..I THINK YOU SHOULD RE-CONSIDER IT"...hahahaha :'(

  6. Elaine Tam26/3/09 4:42 PM

    Hmmmmm, i wish i can say that...but "kong em chut" =-X ...hahahhaha!!

    I wish i can say it LOUDLY and CLEAR..."I'M NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AT ALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!""

  7. leng lui, u so slim wor. If I wear bikini sure look like the bottom photo. U wear sure very chun 1 like the upper photo shown.
    Got a type tht bikini bottom with skirt if u want to hide ur fat lar. hehe ;)