Thursday, November 09, 2006


Unfortunately, my brother's girl friend's father just pass away last week.

What shocked me was to hear he pass away while watching TV with his sons and daughters (with my brother sitting in front of him). He quit smoking last 3 months, and everybody believes that was the cause for his death. BUT, he did went for medical check-up 3 days before he pass away,and the medical report showed his HEALTH = GOOD!

Hmmmm...sometimes, life is life. You can't expect when the GOD will come and take it away from you. So please please please appreciate those who are still breathing and sitting next to you! Do not waste time, by doing something that could hurt them, and try to spend more times with them.

You will not be able to do it when there are not here anymore (anytime)! Dad! Mom! I love you forever and ever!

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