Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hmmmm....i guess i've been stop blogging for few months....You know la, busy preparing myself for the exam..busy revising and revising....till no mood to upload the blog, and no mood to express all my feeling here.....

However, time passing so fast, and here i am after all my exam papers....Im back here again, nothing to do and start back my craps on the blogs..hahaha!

A week after the exam period, and here i am jobless at home, enjoying my holiday, but started to get bored, and would like to find something to do...maybe working...

But, should i wait till the result release (in a week time) before going for interview, or should i start to go for interviews now? Who knows, unexpected things might happen, who knows i "fail" <<--touch-wood.

I keep on mention that to myself, and to people around me because i do not wan to put such a high expectation on myself...And to others who know me...

But, unfortunately, they will always reply with the same phrase "Dont worry, you so "geng chao", you wont fail"..What a pressure given indirectly from them....What do i mean i wont fail....Human being human..and it did happen to one of my ex-classmate. He look brilliant, and nobody will expect him to fail, but end up, yes..HE FAILED! So........what can we say about that?

However, what is pass is passed. So lets see for my future NOT as a STUDENT anymore..(if all papers pass), and start my life as an adult....Cheh cheh cheh~~~~~

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