Tuesday, December 04, 2007

.. 1st interview ..

4th December 2007, Tuesday, 2.30pm,
Kelana Center Point, Petaling Jaya,
Thats the details for my ist interview after completing final year degree.

A medium sized office, located at 6th floor,
with 3 rooms, one toilet, and approximately 6-8 pc's/notebook.

Reached early, at 2pm, waited 10 minutes for guidance,
A test was given, one IQ test, asking stupid questions,
Another test to examine my logic in programming,
Asking me to come out with a pseudocode for some algorithm dealing with numbers.

I know how to answer it, but the environment just too HOT-----WARM,
Make me unconfortable to use my brain,
There are 3 airconds, and only 2 were switched on,
Thats hot.

How to work in this kind of environment,
Most of them are male,
Total 6 of them, which can be seen during the interview.

The test took me about 45 minutes,
The interview took me about 20 minutes,
And the whole process end up at 3.30pm.

Not a good start, as i forgot to ask very important questions,
How many working days (5 days or 5.5 days),
Who should i reported to,
How much is the monthly season parking,
How much elauns will be given for petrol/tol/parking,
And other stuffs...

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