Friday, December 21, 2007

.. 1st day on work..

21st December 2007,
My first day of job at Spansion (KL) Sdn Bhd,
Arrive at 7.15am, no traffic/jam problem as expected,
Maybe due to holiday mood,
Everybody is clearing the leave, and still on holiday due to Hari Raya Haji yesterday.
Reported on 8am, and ushered to visit all the plants by Joel (staff from HR department),
The manufacturing plants is very big, there are alot of rooms, alot of department, alot of section,
Assembly department, TMP (Test/Mark/Package) section, Planning department, Human resources department, IT department, Quality control department, Testing department, etc...

It took me around 1 hour to go through all the area.
As shown in the picture, it is a long alley to reach the department (which located on right and left hand side of the alley)..
In other words, long...
It took me appx. 5 minutes walk from the entrance towards IT department's entrance.

Nothing much today, as all IT's staffs are busy with their testing & integration phase,
So i was sitting in the meeting room,
Watching, Yawning, Fishing, Listening, Learning, etc..
Not really started my job yet, but at least being exposed to the complexity of the system ran within Spansion, and other branches.

The manager explained to me the reason behind my employment,
" I think you are smart, and will be able to cope things fast, normally we wont take freshie for this post, but i hope my decision is right. Else both of us will be in trouble".
Hmmm...a heavy responsibilities, but i will try my best to cope as much as i can,
To prove to her, that its worth to take the chance to dictate her ability in deciding.

A rubber shoe is given to every employee, and it is compulsoryto wear it all the time,
So save my money in getting high heel shoe, and money in getting nice pants or skirts,
As it will become "not nice" when match with the cute, white and adorable rubber shoe (something like Crocs shoe) --------------------------->

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