Tuesday, November 02, 2010

You salah or I salah?

A cloudy Tuesday morning, where I woke up early than usual to make sure I won't be trapped in the traffic heading to First Avenue office. Fuhhhhh... I need to wake up early, need to go out early, need to back LATE!!! What a job..

Back to my journey this morning. I was about to make a turning when I reach the roundabout outside my house, putting signal and plan to steer my sterring to my left and all of sudden......... BOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

Someone (a motor to be exact) hit to my left side of car and causing my left hand side mirror to flipped backwards. I was so shocked and guess what is the good news? They are police!!! Yes, those police who are wearing blue-coloured uniform. There are 2 of them, one as driver and one as passenger (hahahah! stupid statement.. can't be there are 3-4 of motorist in a motor =.='""")

Continue, then they proceed to give hand signal asking me to stop aside of the road. wtf!! How I wish I could just drive away as I'm about to late to work and I think they are OK with no scratches on their motor or body. But they are POLICE!!!!!!!!!! sighh..

So I proceed to stop aside and one of them come towards me, heading to driver's side and I scroll down my window.

Mr P : "You macam mana pandu kereta?"
Me : I got put signal, encik.
Mr P : You got put signal, then how come can hit me?
Me : I don't know (how I wish I could say "You blind la"! ahahah)
Mr P : Nasib baik tak jatuh, if jatuh, then macam mana nak gi bertugas?
Me : Saya tak tau encik.
Mr P : Jadi, u cakap siapa salah? Saya punya salah? (thinking in heart, kns how you want me to answer la!!)
Me : errrrrrrrrr... minta maaf encik, tak nampak.
Mr P :Tunjuk IC and lesen..

*After 10 mins of cakap cakap............*
Mr P: Lain kali, hati hati sikit..
Me : OK...

Frankly, I think I did nothing wrong. I got put signal, and he is coming from my left hand side. How the hell I know whether he is going forward or making a turn. Unless he is making a loud honning indicating he want to go straight, then it's my fault.

And frankly, I quite nervous everytime when I face/bumped into policeman,eventhough I made no wrong or crime or illegal thing. Maybe I just got influence too much by my mom when I was small :

"You don't cry ah, LATER POLIS TANGKAP"
"You don't pee ah, LATER POLIS TANGKAP"
"You don't do this ah, LATER POLIS TANGKAP"
"You don't do that ah, LATER POLIS TANGKAP"

Ended I so scared of POLIS now!! =.=" I think unless I got few billions in my bank account, and drive ferrari on the road, then I won't feel the (*&^%^&*)*& of them! Because I can change my money to alot of coins and throw them with my money, and they will beg me to stop throwing money to them! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! *keep ond reaming*

Anyway, I'm safe now. Thank god!


  1. You tarak mintak duit kopi from them ah LOL

  2. =..=

    Hahahaha! Can i say "AGAIN??"? =.=""
    Consider change ur car plate..lol

  3. You were lucky to escape their "duit kopi". I'm sure it would have been kopi kau kau since it involved them. They must have known they were in the wrong.

  4. Smallkucing : Ya oh... I should ask from them oh.. hahah! Maybe RM30 also can! LOL!

    June : Sighhhhh!! Memang sueh la car!

    Gratitude : I wont give lo... "tai pei-thigh" got one.. opsss.. got two! :p

  5. LOL! polis tangkap! haha! my parents use to use that statement to scare me when i was young too! if not police, then it's "don't go there, got momok" =_="