Sunday, November 07, 2010

:: Neway Moments ::

It's another packed and enjoyale weekend where mom, dad, my youngest brother and my beloved join me for karaoke session at Neway which is located at SS15, Subang.

It's a last minute call, where my brother call me at 9something before I depart for early morning tuition.

"Want to go karaoke?" - Mom
"Huh?? Karaoke?" - Elaine
"Ya.. Karaoke" - Mom!

Hahaha! Ok, actually I do have a plan to have a dinner with them at night considering so long never really have a chance to chit chat or have some leisure day with them. Who knows, they called and ajak to go for karaoke session. So we meet them after I finished up my tuition class, around 11something. Luckily, they choose the karaoke which is near to me so we can made it on time (just little bit late from the starting time).

We spent 4 hours singing and shouting (mainly me la!), choosing English song, Malay song, Indon Songs, Chinese Songs.... Just imagine we sing again and again, passing the mic from one to another. Again, the regret is I don't know how to read chinese, so I won't be able so sing those hits chinese songs. T_T

Suprisingly, there are alot of things to eat as the package for the session is Rm16++, RM20++ and RM29++ per head. It include a set of meal and a glass of drink. On top of that, they also providing us with bottomless snacks like cakes, salads, porridge, nuts, fruits and etc. Isn't that so worth ? And not to forget 3.5 hours for singing? Now I know what Vincent and I can do during our weekend! Hahahhaha! So we only spent RM97 for 5 pax! Cheap cheap!

It is the first time Vincent joining my parents for karaoke session, I mean for REAL karaoke session at Karaoke. And luckily we have 4 microphones so we will not need to fight for the mic as of when we want to sing regardless we know how to sing or not. Hahahahah!

Of course not to forget, camwhore the whole afternoon with they all. I'm happy dad started to join and enjoy our outing. You can see how he start to change and starting to blend well in our social outing.. Love you dad! Love you mom! Love you, boy (for joining) ahahaha! And love you babe! Muakssss you all!!

#1 Neway Karaoke, we are coming!!!!!!!!!

#2 The room for us, looks spacious isn't?

#3 Babe starting to grab the remote.. hehehe!

#3 Macho mans in the house.. LOL!

#4 Start to sing.............

#5 The dessert...Complimentary

#6 Chicken Wing Set - comes together with the set

#7 Pizza set - comes together with the head pax as well

#8 Nissin Noodle Set - comes with the headcount also

#9 Dad with his 2 ...3... i think 4th round .. hahah

#10 Me with the pizza!!! yummy pizzaaa!! it's so delicious!!

#11 Daddy, say cheese!! :)

#13 Awwwwww... I look cute here! ahahah

#14 Me with my mummy...

#15 Boy with mummy, with his "wui so" face!! LOL

#16 Mummy so into the feelll>.

#17 Family potrait!! ^_^ Love it!

#18 Tam....s.............

#19 me with babe...

#20 eheehhehhehe

#21 opssss.. Dad so focus in singing..

#22 Dad and mom singing!! Awwwwwww... sweeeettt

#23 All of us!!! So happpyy!! ^_^

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  1. I think we very enjoy the K session o...hehe
    *waiting patiently* for our next coming trip...!!