Wednesday, October 28, 2009

:: Elaine Farewell Part II @ Water Lily ::

As self-described in the title, it's my 2nd farewell before I officially leave Spansion as Spansioner in 2 days time! WTF!! That was so so fffffff fast!!

After the 1st group celebration at Tony Roma last week, Hui Juin, Siew Ping and Kah Wai throw me another farewell dinner. This time, Kah Wai suggested to drop by "Water Lily", which is located at Pusat Perdagangan IOI Mall, Puchong. Based on some quick survey on net, Water Lily is Bali-styled restaurant which serves extra big portion of meal, which attracted me the most because I simply like see alot of foods on my plate (regardless whether I can finish them or not LOL!!!)

Spansioners ( Hui Juin, Siew Ping and I) checkout from the company at 530pm and reach destination at 6pm sharp to meet ex-spansioner (Kah Wai) who estimated to reach before 7pm. But since all of us reached as early as 6pm, 1 hour away from 7pm, we decided not to wait for the guy and proceed to order without him. WTF! we are so bad isn't? Hehehehe!

Before ordering, let's camwhore with the tools we found at Water Lily, as usual including the table, the spoon, the fork, the menu, the candle and etc etc. I'm so "camwhore" type of people is it? Yes, I admit! And too bad I need to drag them along for the camwhoring process!

The menu - Presenting Water Lily

Let's take some photo before the sky turns dark! Hui Juin and I..

Wong Siew Ping and I.. She's my 2nd best friend in Spansion, mainly because she's Hui Juin's BOSS! HAHAHAH!

Them with Water Lily signature board! NASI LEMAK, LEMON GRASS BBQ and Ice BLENDED!

The candlelight..errrmmmm...Not yet being lighten!

Me with the candle after I REQUESTED them to lighten it for me to camwhore with!

The giant menu

Nothing much to do while waiting, shoot the cutlery

Ok, it's time to show what we ordered and how big is the big meal is! There are not many choices on the menu (I think with 50# on the list which consists of starters, main courses, drinks, desserts) which I think far lesser than other similar-type of restaurant.

After 15 minutes of flipping and asking [Eh eh, you order what ah?? what you order ah? I don't know what to order la!!], we have made up our mind as below!

Siew Ping with her mushroom sop with garlic bread, Chicken Fillet Sandwich and Green Tea! The mushroom soup was delicious! Super delicious proven that the chef is not using can Campbells' Mushroom soup. Her sandwich also comes in super duper big size-chicken fillet. We've counted and it consist of 3 pieces of chicken fillets serve with french-fries and thick yummy gavy. One word, Good!

She looks happy with the mushroom soup!

The GREAT mushroom soup! And the garlic bread! Looks tempting right!

I wonder why they serve green tea with peanut cookies~

Her main course~

And now it's Hui Juin's turn to introduce her menu for the day. She ordered BBQ 1/4 chicken as main course which I think @ RM14. The chicken was serve together with sweet BBQ potato, grvy and coleslaw. The chicken thigh was BIGGGGGGGGGGG too, just like my thigh. LOL! *yes, I had a big thigh, see the picture below for better illustration*

As for drink, she ordered the cendol which also in XL size. *fainted* But according to her, don't be cheated by its look because it taste so SWEET! I guess extra sugar too since all the size here also extra one.

Hui Juin and her watermelon.....I mean the main course water melon LOL~

The extra sweet candol drink [She asked : Cendol got red bean one?] Anyone know?

The sweet potato and "my thigh" ...oossssppppppss..Chicken Thigh!

It's my turn to show you my extra BIG nasi lemak's thatI've ever had for the rest of my life. Jeng Jeng Jeng......... I've ordered the Nasi Lemak with Chicken Thigh @ RM15. The nasi lemak comes with a BIGGGG CHICKEN THIGH which was serve with "ikan bilis" and some "vegetable acar". It takes me 1 hours to finish the big size nasi lemak. Phewwwwww!! And guess what, I can finish all at last, after resting and continue to eat again for at least 2~3 rounds! WTF!

I've order waterLily Special Fruit Blended Juice (WTF! Fruit juice ma can lor! Why put such a long name!). I choose Honey Dew flavor, but they added somekind of menthol (not light bulb menthol =_=) which makes the drink taste SUCKS... =_=" Ok, but I still manage to finish it.

But overall, one word BIG!!! All the dishes really comes in big portion which worth for the money we paid!

My pose with my meal

Yummyyyyyyyy Nasi Lemak! The rice taste great too!

And my sucks Menthol taste drink~

Opsssss...almost forgotten about the arrival of our VVVVVVIP, Mr Kong Kah Wai at 7pm after we almost finished all of our dishes. LOL! And leave him alone to order his favourite nasi lemak with lamb chop! This is the 1st time I'm seeing nasi lemak to be serve with lamb chop. If not mistaken this nasi lemak cost him @ RM22. But considering the size of the lamb, worth to pay for it!

Kong Kah Wai with "breast-showing" pose. I know u got a big cheat ok! No need to show~

Her mango ice-blended drink

And can you see the extra big size lamb chop??? It's reallllllllllllllllllly big!

Lastly, group photo taking for 4 of us. Unfortunately, my camera almost dying of battery by the time we want to take the last photo. We can only take the photo without FLASH, and that's why the group photo looks so blur and dim! Anyway, thanks guys for the dinner, had a great night and dying to meet again soon!

Cheerssssss~ Luv and mis you guys! Thanks for everything!

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  1. yummy food!
    sighs.. you will miss your work place alot huh? =)

  2. nice nice....must go next time...where is ur next office then?

  3. i think on your last day u will shed tears.... as an emo person...

  4. Seems like a nice place to eat. When I see people carry camera and have a shot of themselves, i always say to myself "that person is a blogger" hahahah

  5. Wah..the food looked so delicious. I see the chicken drumstick, I wanna go there liao. Thanks for sharing

  6. @ Willie!
    hahahaha.. i am like that too.. when see someone carry a camera take pic of EVERYWHERE, EVERY FOOD! must be blogger already... =.="

    why your clothes so nice one!!
    Nov 15, I WANT GO SHOPPING!! but no more camwhre pls.. ho ho ho..

  7. Wow, looks like you got a great bunch of soon to be ex colleagues. Glad to know you had a great time :). I am sure you will miss them... but you can always go back and visit..

    yummy food, never knew IOI Mall has this place :).

  8. yes.. chendols have red beans..
    come to penang la :)

  9. hey elaine...u came here to waterlily and eat....very nice food served there rite....i love their dory fish a lot...

    nearby my house only...but long time din go and makan already

  10. wow, so many people want to "celebrate" you leaving.. hahahaha!! :p

  11. leave to where? izzit anywhere near my office? :P

  12. spider web is building~ -.-"

  13. Nasi lemak is Balinese food? *scratching my head*
    I guess only the decoration is Balinese. The food is not. One of the most famous Balinese dished is pork.

    Like to camwhore? Need a photographer? *wink wink*

  14. wah.. got lalat now... =.="


  15. All the best to your future endearvours, Elaine

    sincerely yours


  16. the Nasi Lemak looks really good. I think I'm having a crave for it now...:p

  17. OMG so delicious looking :)

  18. wah first time i see ppl served drink with peanut cookie, so cute. :P

  19. heard that water lily has good reputation... bring me there when i go back to msia ok?