Friday, October 16, 2009

:: Final Destination VI ::

You must be wondering is there a Final Destination Season 6 (VI), shouldn’t be the latest with season 4 (IV) being played in the cinema?

Ok, if you are clever enough, obviously I’m not talking about the movie of Final Destination which was played in the cinema last month with all blood splashing or head chopping scene.

Here I would be gladly to announce that I’m in the “FINAL” for the badminton tournament which I participate and compete yesterday.

Tam Sook Ling VS Chong Chung Leng
Score: Tam Sook Ling won with 21-5, 21-9

Tam Sook Ling VS Tan Sin Jin
Score: Tam Sook Ling won with 21-5, 21-1

By winning 2 rounds continuously (since this league is “knock out” tournament), I manage to put myself for final which suppose to be somewhere next week or next next week. I was one of the final 6 (there’s how the post title comes from).

I will be competing with Joanne, known as the main competitor in this tournament. Everybody predicted that both of us can get through all the preliminary rounds to go into Final. So, the result turns out to be like what they expected. Congratulation for betting it correctly! How good if you guys can predict what 4-D number that will be drawn this weekend so I can buy it too! Anyone, 4 numbers please..!!! LOL!

Maybe sharing little bit of how I felt during the game. Chung Leng (my 1st competitor) plays aggressively as she did drop the shuttle left and right side of the court in the 1st few minutes. But somehow lost her beat after a while and I manage to grab the points leading her at least 5~8 points ahead. She comes back with a more aggressive game on the 2nd set with mire on drop shot/net play this time. At least it make me sweat for my 1st game (being cocky abit* LOL!). The match ended around 20~25 minutes with me winning over her. Congratulation *tapping shoulder*

Proceed with the 2nd game against Sin Jin. She is little bit passive in the games where she felt so reluctant to run/move forward to chase the shuttle. I did slow down the momentum to suit her, but somehow she does not want to fight/compete. Sigh~ So I beat her easily in 1st set and 2nd set. Congratulation again! *tapping butt this time*

Showing my emo/nervous/blue pose

Hiding behind the "bar"

"Sweaty me"

=__=" Peace'ing...

Oh ya, not to forget to mention about my special-invited photographer/ videographer of the day, Kung Hui Juin. She helps me to take the photos/videos while I’m playing and making me realize of one of my bad habit while playing.

My photographer / Videographer with the racket and shuttleCOCK!

“Showing a lot WEIRD & FUGLY reaction when I made a mistake”

Yes, the video #1 (below) prove it when I show my big “O” mouth FUGLY’LY (means very very super super UGLY) when I made a wrong-court serves. This reaction makes me look so ugly and I did it very often when I did a mistake. That’s not good for me as it will spoil my image, man! I promise I will try *my best* not to show any of them during final. Damn it, still very ugly when repeating the video again and again. Please bear with me.

Please take note on my mouth =_="
*Smashing followed by a serve

Making a drop shot *I guess*

Posing for the camera, Hui Juin say cheese "I peace"

After making a backhand pass *I think*

My opponent Chung Leng and the "sweaty" empire

Another action

My pose in serving high shot serve

Here are some other videos HuiJuin manage to take when I'm busy playing that time. How was it? Good or no good? hehehehe!

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  1. Hahaha... u cheated bad... i thought really Final Destination... Looks more like Final Badmintonation to me... XD

  2. What?! No body parts flying around in your photos? I thought it's Final Destination sequels! Haha!

  3. Didn't know you are so good in badminton! Sure beat me lah like that, cos I long long time did not play badminton - karat already.

    Hope you win the finals! : )

  4. tam sook ling! =P
    eh, all the best ya!

  5. Nasib baik i da resign. if not surely i beat u at final! chewahhh.. hahahahah.. padahal i kaki bangku,,mmg xreti sports~

    COngratulation lee...

  6. WAH!!!
    u so geng chao~!!

  7. There are hardly any long rallies in your game :)

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  9. hey.. u played singles ah? geng leh..i can never play singles.. i hv to have a partner.. no air if single..haha... u must be very day we play a game, ok? hahaha...

  10. fuyoh~ my dear Msia Yong Si Kei playing badminton oso looks pretty leh^^ hehhee..good to see that u r good good in playing exercise more so that your body stay strong n healthy!!! wakakaka..sounds like doctor leh~~

  11. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you so gaya one ar playing badminton?!!!! gaya, mutu, waiting for ur good news har...remember to save something from the hamper for me....i support u spiritually hahahahhaa......

  12. Elaine, u look COOL on the court! Hope you win & lift the trophy in the final!

  13. Congrats Elaine! Wish you all the best in the final game. We support ELAINE!
    Buy Toto 6D on the score 215219 and 215211. One ringgit kena RM100k lor....better than 4D, he he he!

  14. Kennee : Hehehehhe! Soli lo...But it's really like FD to me ma....:)

    foongpc : Hahahah! Got got...the shuttlecock is flying aroun ler!!! HAHAHA!!

    Kenwooi : Thanks!! All the best to me! HAHHAHA!

    Uwa : Chewahh!! Luckily u dah resign, else sure beat me! Apa la lu!

    Dolly : =___=" Where got ler...

    BorneoFalcon : Heheheh! Keep it short and simple...So i can go back fast..LOL

    Reanclaire : I also no air one...=_=" Almost suffocated!

    Lisa717 : Heheheh! Pretty meh? So sweaty, so wat tat!

    Wenn : Heheeh! Noler....Just a bit of luck!

    Manlish : Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so long ah.. =_=" GAYA, MUTU, KEUNGGULAN! That's so SEPAK TAKRAW! hahaha!

    Dora : Wow! Cool some more! Thanks!

    Pete : HAHAHHHAA! I buy ledi....if kena share 50% for you ok! Uhuhuhuh!

  15. waaaa know how to play wor...

    i fail in playing badminton... hahah maybe that is why i am fat geeeee.