Monday, October 26, 2009

:: Donna The Dolly ::

At last, I got the golden chances to meet Donna aka Dolly in real life! My relationship with her started quite long ago (like pakto pulak), but we yet to have chance to meet each other. usually, we talk through email, we chat through IM, we chat through blog but not in real life leh!

She is a friend of my friend, who also a blogger who follows my blog like religion WTF! Nola, we are friends cum bloggers so we are blogger friends'. LOL! Quite confusing? Let's start from the beginning.

Donna is ex-coursemate of Hui Juin, also ex-roommate for Hui Juin, also a close-friend of Hui Juin who a close friend of mine, also Nuffnanger, also a blogger like me. So conclusion, we knew each other through blog and Hui Juin. *confuse confuse* Whatever la, we meet each other last weekend when she came down to KL for business trip. Her company sent her for a training at KL staying at Park Royal hotel!

Below are the information about her that I know since the 1st day I heard of Donna/Dolly. Ok, nothingmuch differences as to compare to her in actual!
  1. Her name is Donna, also Dolly
  2. She is vegetarian (sometime yes sometime no) Opsss..hopefully her mom not reading her blog! LOL!
  3. She has a boyfriend name Tobby, who likes to wear sleeveless shirt HAHAHAHAH! She claimed he likes to show his armpit hair, that's why!
  4. Her hometown is at Sabah, and people always thought she origin from hutan (neh! Those orang asli who staying on top of the tree)
  5. She is working at Johor, and I always mistakenly thought she's from Melaka! I got short term memory loss sometime.
  6. She is damn damn damn super duper fair! Yes, proven she is very fair after seeing her in real life! As compare to her, mine is like the color of the bottom of the "kuali" WTF!
  7. She is damn funny, in writing post! She always manage to write post, ended with all the bloggers dropping nothing but "HAHAHAHHAHAHA" comments.

I know you must be wondering who is she, how she looks like, and can't wait to see the SHOW WHITE huh! Are you ready?

Hui Juin, Elaine and Donna.

Hui Juin, Meng Lian and I decided to look for here after she ends her training at KL, and continue the night with our makan-makan session. Our plan totally went out of place as we plan to get some Cone-Pizza at Wangsa Maju and Mille Crepe at PJ.

Only God knows why the traffic was so bad that night, and we only can reach Kl at 9pm! WTF! Yes, 9pm, and I don't think we can go anywhere far with few hours on hand~

We decided to drop by nearby hawker stalls and order Yong Tau Fu (no photos because we ate it all by the time I took out my camera LOL!! We are FFF hungry leh!), and ordered Kuey Teow and Wan Tan Mee.

Hui Juin, Meng Liang with the "chopstick".

The wan tan....With some kind of LONGKANG smell..WTF!

The 1/2 leftoever..Oh ya...BTW, it's KUEY TEOW...LOL!

The GIANT Size Wan tan mee to be share by 3 person

Kung Hui Juin, where is your peace??!?!??!??!

According to Donna, she's trying to make her chin looks smaller with that "senget peace" sign..LOL!

Not enough and we decided to get some dessert from K.T.Z Food Dessert Stall and we also went to buy the famous Mille Crepe from PJ too.

K.T.Z Food is located at SS2, Petaling Jaya, famous with the "sai-mai-lo", fruit with blended ice. We only order 2 flavours, Honey Dew and Mango since our stomach only left with little space for another round of food consumption, else the food will starting to spilled out from our eyes, nose hole, mouth or ear! HAHAHAHH!

Direct Translation for "HAM CHIN BAND" and "WALL BAND"..So funny!

The konon-famous mille crepe! RM9 per piece...Not good leh~

Opssss....Nice candid though~

The "WALL BAND"...

Anyway, nice to meet you Donna, and do drop by KL more..Errr...I think I should not advice you to come often, because for sure you will become fatter gal everytime you leave KL, since our itenerary will definitely involve eating eating eating and eating. LOL! Scare or not?

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  1. This post of yours can only mean one thing, non bloggers will never understand how much we love blogging, even we have not met, but we feel as if we are closed, and if we were to meet for the first time, it will be like we have know one another for million of years.

    indeed Dolly looks fair, and look trendy,,, ok next time come to penang, buzz me, i will introduce you to my family and take you for real penang's foods,, i mean real real real penang's foods.

    take care now elaine,,

  2. =.="
    eh.. i remember i did not look like tranny de leh.. =.="
    why i look so tranny in your blog...

  3. and.. hahahaha...
    why my boobs look bigger like that..
    u did some operation on it ar?

  4. T_________T
    ah na not allow me to post anything at here wor.. T.T

    Donna Lim Pei Chuen says:
    if u post out.. =.="
    i wont treat u with flying chopstick this time
    Donna Lim Pei Chuen says:
    Donna Lim Pei Chuen says:
    parang better


  5. kns.. mr. P
    why u only copy paste PARTIALLY of the msg ar???

  6. Eugene : Ya, that's the chemistry of blogging! Being closed without the need to meet each other! You are so right!!! Ok, Buzz you when goin to PENANG!! I want makan alot of things!! *drooling saliva* Hahahah!

    Dolly : No, you did not TRANNY at all ler! No, because you are not AH GUA LOL!

    Mr. P : Hahahah! She threaten you with Parang? Hmmmm.....Then u better locki your door/window tonight lor!!

  7. hahahhahahahaahahahahhahahhaha.....waaaaaaa finally meet up.....i cant wait to meet up wif u guys also hahahha....btw dolly next time take pic dun put ur face next to elaine lar....very BIG difference ar hahahahaha....ehh wen i go bk next year u come to pontian we go kukup eat seafood heheheh.....

  8. Hi Elaine,

    It's me again. It's good to meet other bloggers live. That will strengthen the blog community for sure.

  9. elaine, itu ah na really vr cruel de leh... T___T

    btw manglish, ur comment....ur comment....ur comment....

    i help u answer Elaine.
    Willie, they know each other b4 meet. lolly, dolly, polly and molly is 1 set of XXlly gang. but molly is absent on this gathering. now sometime itu dolly call me Pilly
    =_____________=" i'm lie

  10. Hahahahaha longkang wanton. Pls do gv us the details of the stall that served it. We wanna make sure we give it a miss.

    KTZ? so cruisy!

  11. so nice to be able to meet..

  12. O.O
    all along i thought you two are COLLEAGUES!!
    coz you 2 blog like close friends! O.O
    hmm.. okay.. now i know..

    so when you gonna blog about me? =P

  13. Great friends are hard to find. You are lucky to have one. Treasure it.

  14. I read you blog also. When are you going to give me a treat at K.T.Z.?

  15. Wuooooo, three pretty sisters!
    I guess you gals had a good time together!

  16. Glad you all had fun meeting up :). Never call me tsk tsk...

    I tis always fun to meet new friends. And since we are all bloggers, it is even more fun. hahaha!

  17. Fun meeting, and i love chinese hawker food. So when's my turn for us to meet up :P