Tuesday, October 20, 2009

:: How to do breast self-examination? ::

Got this leaflet while shopping alone last Saturday while looking for the perfume for my uncle @ Sunway Pyramid.

*Click for much BIGGER view*

This leafleft was being placed at the customer service counter in Parkson, and it caught my attention when I saw the picture of a women naked lying with breast/nipple shown clearly on top. WTF!! Yes, I AM HAMSAP POR, don't forget that. LOL!

The title "Breast Cancer Your Life is in Your Hands", then I know it's women information in teaching women on how to do self-breast-checking to reduce the potential of breast cancer. Frankly, I never do any self-checking or mamogram before foe realydetection (if any).

In my mindset, I thought we only need to lie down, and show our armpit/ armpit hair to the air, press press and turn turn around. That's all I know but not until today,after I read carefully on how to perform the checking in an accurate way. I mean there is a way to turn and to massage your armpit/breast area to check if there is any lumps or any abnormalities on our breast size/look/color and so on.

Personally, it's very important for us to know how and we must practise to check constantly. Breast Cancer is WORLD NO 1 CANCER for women!

1) Look

Undress to the waist. Look for changes in shape, outline, colour and texture of the skin and nipple.

2) Lie Down

  • Lie flat on your back with a pillow or a folded towel under the right shoulder. This allows the breast tissue to spread.
  • Use your left hand to examine your right breast while you place your right hand behind your head.
  • Examine the area from under the collarbone to the bra area.

3) Feel your breast

  • Keep your fingers together and use the flat part of three fingers to feel the breast.
    Move your fingers in small circles, about the size of 20-cent coin.
  • Press gently but firmly, feeling for lumps or thickening of tissue.
  • Imagine your breast as the face of a clock. Start at 12 o'clock and feel along the boundary till you return to your starting position.
  • Move down a finger's width and repear in smaller circles till you reach the nipple.
  • Push this aside and feel under and around the nipple. You may find a ridge of firm.
4)Your underarm

Now move your left arm down to your side. Examine to the breast tissue that extends into your armpit.

5) The other breast

Next, place the pillow under the left shoulder and using your right hand, repeat!

Now, it's time for graphical tutorial! Are you ready? I know you are *I saw some guys's saliva is drooling flooding the road* LOL!


  1. huhu...ive never done diz before.could any hot chicks examine my breast?

  2. Cool effort in sharin the info and raise awareness... After all it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month... ^^ Nanged and ad clicked... ^^

  3. u better do.....refer to ur bf wen in doubt hahahahha....

  4. why you dont demo for us?
    might be more illustrative than the brochure.. =P


  5. My mum also has breast cancer, and she is undergoing radio therapy.

    Every woman must take this self-examination very seriously.

  6. the docotr does it for me =)i'm having a hard time (my b---bies are quite blessed)