Wednesday, October 07, 2009

:: Farewell Lunch @ Serambi Corner ::

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!
Chorus.-For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We'll take a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

It's another farewell for another colleague of mine. Shannon was (was by now because she left already LOL) a colleague of mine from Planning Department same as Kung Hui Juin.

My impression of her… ..hmmmmm…Nothing much to say but something which impressed me the most about her is I got to know she had a MASTER in education. No no..not underestimating her but rarely get to know that someone who owned a MASTER will stay with Spansion for so long. She works in Spansion for almost 3years (from what I’ve heard).

Frankly I wish I can own a MASTER in some stream as well so I can earn more (if some company evaluate or pay employee by seeing the education level LOL)….And definitely it’s something to be proud of.

Back to the farewell, we went out for farewell lunch at one Malay-western restaurant which located very nearby to Spansion. So, we can fully utilize the time to eat instead of jamming to go to destination or going back to Spansion. It’s just 5 minutes drive from our company.

It was the biggest group of peoples that I’ve ever join for a farewell, where consists of more than 20 peoples combining 4~5 square tables to fit all of us. Colleague from Planning department, from IT department, from QD (Quality) department, from TMP (Test Mark Pack) department joining as well. In a word, PACK!

We depart with at least 4~5 separate cars and all reached by 12:30pm. It just take us less than 10 minutes to get all the foods because mainly we place the order even before we depart from Spansion. Yes, pre-ordered using phone conversation. Brilliant ideas isn’t ? NO NO…not at all to me! Why? Because this will reduce the time to SNAKE right! Hahahahaha!! LOL! Anyway, not me being the organizer thus I need to follow whatever they planned. I have retired from being FAREWELL party organizer long long time ago or I should say soon because I will retire from Spansion soon. Sorry guys!

As mentioned, all of us has flipped over the menu and choose our menu way ahead and ta…daaa….I choose Spaghetti for my lunch together with Ice Lemon Tea. And of course there are some other menu such as Fried Rice, Cantonese Kuey Teow, Chicken Chop, Fish & Chip, Lamb Chop, and etc. The price ranges from RM9.90 ~RM12.90 per set which include a drink or toast bread or mushroom soup.

Restaurant Detail
Restaurant D´Serambi
Address : Section 27 (Tmn Bunga Negara)
No: 2, Jalan Sungai Tekali (27/17), Seksyen 27, Shah Alam
Food Type: Malay Cuisine
Phone: +603-5192 0175

Complimentary Ice Lemon and Teh Ice

Cantonese Kuey Teow

Fried Rice with Egg

Lamb Chop!

The SUCKS spaghetti and me. No no..I'm not SUCKS but the spaghetti was!

Not sure what this called. I just interested on the wrapped hot dog!

Chicken Chop

Frankly, the spaghetti taste sucks. Not sure why, but it carries some kind of weird smell like rotten fish or smelly socks! Hahahah! Ok, abit exaggerating but it taste not as good as the spaghetti Spansion canteen have. But being train good to not to wste any food, I manage to finish it all anyway. LOL!

Another frankly, I don't like this kind of farewell. I mean a farewell with a bunch of peoples seated in a LONGGGGGGGG table without having interaction at all while eating or after eating. In other word, after eat, swipe ass for a while, then say BYE BYE! *translation from chinese proverb*

For me, my ideal farewell meal would be with all of seated in a round table (at least) to eat while chatting, comparing our meal taste, you taste mine, I taste yours, camwhoring while eating, laughing while eating. At least something to be cherish before me leaving isn't?

Too many peoples will just making the farewell party dull with the objective going out to have a normal lunch. wtf~ Not syiok at all right! *so Hui Juin, you know what to do la right? HAHAHAH!

Luckily, me being there holding my camera to take pictures for the heroin, Shannon and the rest. Else, nothing much to show in this post too! Not to forget, my intention is to take picturs of myself but to make it not so obvious, so I called upon her to take photo. HAHAHAHAH!

Anyway, enjoy and don't be cheated by the outlook of the spaghetti. Trust me, it taste sucks! LOL!

The group photo (ONLY half of the combined table)

Presenting Hartinee (right) and Me (left) and the Menu (center)

Another group photo (what a big group =__=)

Shannon and another half of the table

Ta...dddaaaaaaaaa...Me and Hui Juin

Me between 2 guys......Do I look small???

Another group photo --. Do you think their pose looks so boring =_=)

MES team....My team..sooner will left with 3 peoples

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P/S : I wonder how my farewell party will end with? Or do they plan to throw one for me Sighh~ But I think I'm going to make something special for them on my last day which make them remember me forever! Stay tune~


  1. where is serambi corner leh?

  2. So you work for Spansion, we have one factory in Penang too, not doing so well, right?

    Hey speaking about getting a Master, in my opinion, it would be better for you to learn the tricks of doing some business on your own, from what i can gather from reading your posts, i believe you are cut to be a good businesswoman,, go and try and see.....

    buy me a lunch if you make it,ok?

  3. order spaghetti at Malay cuisine restaurant, can't expect good taste :P

    p/s: thanks for visiting my blog :)

  4. farewell to yr colleague..

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  6. haha, sure they will throw you a farewell party, at least for themselves - because it's something happy to CELEBRATE!! hahahaha :D

  7. Ah how I miss Malaysia!

  8. Spaghetti that smells like smelly socks? OMG! That's horrible! I won't eat it! And I 'll demand a change of dish! : )

  9. Nice farewell.

    Thanks for stopping by, Elaine.

  10. Manglish : opss...I add the address on top...*scroll up and see*

    Eugene : Yeap, Penang Brand, yes, and it's closing soon WTF! Hmmm, Do I look like a boss? But I got no $$$ ...can become a boss without $$$ LOL!

    Kikey Loo : Ya lo, now I know....No spaghetti at Malay Restaurant.=_="

    Wenn : Ya, farewell and good luck to her too!

    IMCurtain : WTF! You wana advertise in my blog? Pay $$ please...

    SK : CELEBRATE for me to leave? WTF! I'm so bad meh..cis....

    Agnes : Malaysia with Malaysia food huh! :)

    FoongPc: Hahahah! Nola...I abit kua chiong only...but smell semacam...can't describe the smell... But I ate it anyway!

    HappySurfer : Heheheh! Nice farewell but the spagetti...Err......

  11. Sec 27? Where is it?

    I used to work in Subang Hitech, but often had my lunch in Subang Jaya and occasionally in Klang (bak kut teh). In my memory, Shah Alam is a sleepy city.

  12. Oooh the fired rice with egg looks good :).

    Yes the Wrapped up hotdog does look tempting haha :P

  13. Fried rice... fired! pffft!

  14. KhengSiong : Errrr.....I duno how to go wor...I only when I reach the door step..heehhe~

    LadyViral : Yes, TEMPTING!! least better than my spaghetti isn't it? hheheh!

  15. yummy looking foods!!! just right in time since i'm having my morning snack =)

  16. Ayie : Heheheh~ But you will crave for more once you see this...You should see this before you had your lunch..hehehe!