Thursday, October 15, 2009

:: Set L @ Serambi Corner ::

Again,si Hui Juin and I went to Serambi Corner for our quick lunch last Friday. As mentioned in my previous post, we yet to have any chances to taste this Set L of Serambi Corner on our last visit. So we decided to drop another visit just to taste how good it is (as compare to its look).

We have only 45 minutes for the whole lunch process which include 5~10 minutes drive to the restaurant, 5~10 minutes back to office after lunch which left us with 25 minutes to enjoy the food! WTF! I don’t think it’s enough for us to go further which need more than 15 minutes drive. What a stingy company for treating us like prison, only releasing us for 45 minutes in a day. LOL!

Back to the lunch, since we only have 45 minutes lunch time, so we pre-order the set through the phone earlier, so we can have our lunch by the time we reach there. What so special about this Set L is the hotdog which is wrapped by scrambled-egg layer (which looks so tempting). Other than the hot dog, the set package also include mix-vegetables, chicken paprika, fried rice, together with a dessert (green bean dessert) and Ice Lemon Tea / Lemon Ice as the complimentary drink. And it only cost us at RM9.90 per person only!

Your say, cheap right? And after our food review, we found out that the set actually taste great too! But too bad we have limited time and need to rush back office at 1:35pm and we have no time to enjoy our dessert. Anyway, green bean desert not my favorite too but why waste it since it comes as complimentary dessert right? LOL! Yes, I’m very stingy too! Uhuhuhuh!! Anyway, you can try it there too (address and restaurant name as below)

Restaurant D´Serambi
Address : Section 27 (Tmn Bunga Negara)
No: 2, Jalan Sungai Tekali (27/17),
Seksyen 27, Shah Alam
Food Type: Malay Cuisine
Phone: +603-5192 0175

Me with Set L -->>>>>>

Hui Juin with Set L

The Set L (how was it? Looks good to you?)

The chicken paprik (anyone know what's Paprik meant?)

The vegetables

The HOT DOG!! =__="

The green bean dessert

Tadaaaaaaa~~~ Finish in 15 minutes! Yummyyyy yummyyyY!

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  1. Wah... Sedap... I'll make sure i try visit it the next time i'm in shah alam... XD Btw, nanged ya post and also clicked on ya ads... ^^

  2. damn~ FEI SEI lo !!!!


  3. Polly!!
    u ate so much toxic!!
    u are A-TYPE!!!! =.="

  4. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sapu habis? so delicious ar? hahahhhaa but i tot last time u said serambi corner not nice leh

  5. no lo dolly.. i finish the vege and did not finish the hotdog and chicken! wahahaha... cos too much already -.-"

  6. So you finally get your mouths to the Set L. hehehe... very nice hotdog :P.

    Paprika is spice. Made from what? I am not sure... but based on wikipedia seems capsicum :P.

  7. So nice the food can preorder. the foods look so nice. 45 min is really short. Last time most of the company giving 2 hours break but nowadays, all become 1 hours or less. sigh...

  8. Wow...... HOTDOGS~!! Woohoooooooooo!!!

  9. Now THAT is a lot of food for RM9.00!!!

  10. Wah, RM9.90 good price leh, got to check out this restaurant if I am in this area. I am 25 minutes too late....,(just like the song, everything sapu habis! LOL! Woooo, nothing left for me!

  11. wah you making me hungryyy.. =P

  12. your company really kiamsiap, 45 minutes lunch time where got enough?? you thought everyone ting maggie mee in office meh??

    walao eh, RM9.90 for the whole set ah?? damn cheap lor.. but Shah Alam, too far away for me lah..

  13. U r making me hungry with all those food~ lolz

  14. Kennee : Yea! remember to invite me too woh! :)

    Teru : Aiyoma!! Not so fei la!! *even though knowing it's very fatenning! Shit!!

    Dolly : Hahahah! Ya, she ate so much too! And me too!! WTF!!

    Polly : You still eat alot even though you did not finish it! LOL!

    Ladyviral : Capsium? Wah apa itu?? But I also not sure that is called paprika or not..heheh!

    Tonywan : YUHHHhhhuuu!! Yes, it's hot dog =_="

    Agnes : Yeap, RM9.90...DAMN DAMN cheap!!!!!!

    Pete : heheheh, I still leave the green dessert for you ler...heheheh!

    Kenwooi : Opsss..... So you still hungry now *after few days of post?LOL!

    SK : Kiam la!! SUPER DUPER KIAM!!!! Cis~ Still bengang till now.... Hmmm, not so far geh....Yau sam em pa chi! hahah!

    Wenn : It is delicious...for malay standard...Ok la!

    L2: Uhuhuh!! Soli........But, is your saliva drolling now? heheheh!

  15. Excusme please can you chang serambi phone no.?
    Serambi new no is 03-51032705
    thank you