Friday, October 09, 2009

Award - Honest Scrap

Thanks to Donna The Dolly for "rewarding" me this so-called reward which require me to reward this to another 7 bloggers so they can reward the award to another 7 bloggers once they receive this award so the other 7 bloggers can continue the award chain and pass to another 7 bloggers so they can............... where I am many levels already? Pheewwww~ you know what I mean? LOL!

Selecting 7 recipients for the award is my 1st concern, as I do not know who should I reward to and further need to consider whether will they continue the reward chain as what I did. Who knows the person who failed to persuade / convince the award recipient will somehow ended with a bad luck for the rest of 7 days if fail to complete the task in 7 days! WTF! Ok, my imagination too good.. @__@ No, I think it will not happen gua *Dolly, won't right?*

Apart from that, there is another golden rule for Honest Scrap award receiver which is to list down 10 honest things about ourself. That is my 2nd concern considering I do not know what to share about the real me. LOL! *dragging all readers aside...I only know how to tell lies eh!*

Anyway, are you ready? *Drum rolling sound* Ta...daaaa!!! Presenting 10 honest things about Elaine Tam Sook Ling.

1# I'm not that innocent as what I looks like
Hamsap Por is my first name...Nola, it is the nickname given by my friends because I always relate any of our conversation topic with dick, condom, make love, or something grossy like ass, ass hole, nipple, breast, banana and bla bla bla..WTF! Actually, my intention is to make the topic as HOT & FUNNY as possible. But, too bad they mis-interpret my intention and named me with such a "cool" nickname. Being honest to all (since this is honest award anyway), actually, I'm not that hamsap actually. LOL!

2# I had minor Alzheimer at age 25 WTF!
I always being called "big head prawn" by my families, my friends and whoever think I am a prawn instead of a human. One of my friend even named me as "Big Head Prawn" as his contact for my phone number. I can barely remember what happen last weekend (or sometime yesterday) and I need to act like crazy women asking around "Eh eh, what happen? What is it? Oh is it?". God, please let me remember that I used to be a award recipient for Honest Scrap Award! LOL!

3# I don't poo like normal homo-sapiens
I still poo while squatting, I still poo using the ass hole instead of other hole (=_=" No No, I'm not that ham sap one related to 1#! I'm not!), I still poo brown colored-shit (sometime black when I'm hot internally) instead of pink, purple or orange. The only difference is normal human will poo at least once a day while my highest record is not passing motion for the whole week 7 days. Just imagine all the smelly shits resides and make me at least 5kgs heavier. Ya ya..In other word, CONSTIPATION! Shii~ Don't yell so loud la~

4# I'm a SUPER DUPER Lazy Bug
Yes, I am! I don't like to sleep but I don't like to clean my room (until I was force by my mom to do s0), I don't like to fold the clothes (until I was force to do so since my both sisters move out after got married), I don't like to iron the working attire (until I was desperate out of clothes options), I don't like to do......... almost everything. How I wish I can hire a maid, so she will do it everything! LOL!

5#I love shopping
As normal women/lady, everyone like to shop and same as me. I like to shopping provided I have a "big water supply", means strong financial status either from parents, boyfriend, or myself. I like to fit all the clothes and camwhore in the fitting room, I like to buy those high heel shoe and store them in the shoe rack, I like to buy those dresses and let it "berhabuk" in the wardrobe, but considering that the $$$$$$ will reducing after I bought it, then I will think twice! So, the most I can camwhore in the fitting room only. Sigh~

6# I don't like to stay at home alone
Yes, I'm so scared of getting lonely because I will feel my whole body is being bitten by alot of "kutu" when I started to get lonely with nothing to do at home. I like to go out (with friends of course), I like to do outing (with friends of course), I like to do anything outside the house (with whoever). So, please give me a call when you think or NOT thinking of me! WTF!

7# I hate SF hate when people calling me "FAT"
Yes, even though I'm not fat now (but still chubby), but I still SFFFFF hate when I heard people calling me fat. When I used to had 60kgs as my weight, everybody around keep on asking "Wah! Why you so fat already?" or saying "Don't eat so much, you very fat already!". =__=" I promise myself I will not letting other people calling me fat by now. I SWEAR to LAMP and TABLE! So, please don't mention the word "FAT" in front of me! Thank you! Hahahah!

8# I'm very short in height in actual
Now only I realise that my actual height not reaching 160cm. I used to record 160cm at least on my report-card, registration form, or any registration with "HEIGHT" column. Sometime, I thought myself who had 161 or 162cm bear-foot. After accurate height-recording, my actual height only at 157cm (highest). Damn it! I will not being able to be model or air-stewardes as my career for the rest of my life. Sigh~

9# I am a "banana"
No no, not the banana that you think which the banana is. LOL! The "banana" that I'm saying is the term that people used to give to Chinese who do not know how to read/write chinese word. I only know few SUPER DUPER simple chinese word + my 3 chinese name. Those simple word only limited to "ren (human)", "da (big)", "siao (small)", one, two , three, four until nine, and last but not least my chinese name "tan su lin". So, please stop forwarding those chinese-mail to me because I AM A BANANA! I AM A GONG CHIU!

10# I'm a terrible singer
Sigh~ Another career was crossed out from the list which is "Singer" because I had terrible voice. I only can sing low key everytime I visit Karaoke. I can only sing low-key male song such as Micheal Learn To Rocks's song. Considering point #9, I can only sing low key + English song when I go to karaoke with my friends = LIMITED song selection. WTF! I wish I could sing those famous chinese song sang by Joey Yong, Miriam Yeung, Twins, and so on. Sigh~

That's all about 10 honest things about me. Hopefully I'm honest enough to make you know me more. Here I would award this "Honest Scrap" award to fellows as below, and hope to you all more!

1. Teruterubonzu
2. Taufulou
3. Eric Yoong
4. Stephanie
5. Ah Yat
6. Lisa
7. Donna (Congratulations! You need to come out with another 10 honest things about yourself! LOL! Don't thanks me, you worth it!)

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  1. Congrats Elaine :-)And yes that was a brutally honest post, LOL!

  2. i want go sing k with u and polly!!
    wahahaha.. =.=
    then no one rampas mic with me already!!!
    10 more ar

    1. i am very lazy
    2. i am good in mandarin
    3. i am lousy in cantonese
    4. i am lying on bed while typing this comment which explains "i am very lazy"
    5. i hate working
    6. i love sleeping
    7. i am 23 now, a few more weeks would be 24
    8. i am anti social
    9. i am damn funny
    10. and lame

    tadan~~ complete, less than 5 minutes only.. how easy is that, i would like to pass this thingy to
    hamsap por
    sook ling
    ah ling
    elaine tam
    elaine tam sook ling

    tadang.. another 7 persons!!
    wah.. why am i so smart.. ho ho ho ho..
    thank u thank u..
    bow bow
    thank u thank u..

  3. You make this tag sound like a pyramid scheme! LOL!

    You are known as hamsap por? Wow! Now I know lah : )

    You are a banana? ha! Just like me, hopeless in Mandarin speaking and writing! But I can write really nice mandarin characters btw : )

  4. no time la..wait til i free 1st la..but i doubt anytime soon

  5. From the post, I gather that you're definitely skanky. LOL.

  6. Agnes : Yeay! That was.....BRUTAL to me at least LOL!

    Dolly : kns could could you be so creative....damn it! Does that mean I need to come with 7X10 = 70 honest things about myself! WTF!!

    Foongpc : It is a pyramid scheme, like those direct selling! Yes, I am HAMSAP! LOL!

    Yatz : Aisay~ Do la, So I know more about you..

    William : SKANKY, that was BOMBASTIC word! Means what ah? hahahah!

  7. Hmmm... ham sap por ar?

    Waaa constipation.. banana should help hehe... I am a "banana" too so don't worry :P.

    160cm? o_o Wow you will hate to stand beside me then.

    lol @ Donna... kena tag again :P.