Tuesday, October 06, 2009

:: Another Maybank Phishing Scam ::

After latest Maybank Phishing mail I received 7 months ago, this is the 2nd time I received Maybank email requesting me to login to activate my account.

The subject of the mail is “Subject: Maybank Customer Alert” from “Sender : Maybank2u Notice with the content as image below. I was told that my account was suspended due to inactivity or login-failure attempts.

Frankly, I got little bit of worried once I see this email mainly because I think * I think* I did key in wrong password (accidently) yesterday while login to my account. Not sure it was because of that. But for sure not due to long inactivity because I just login to my account yesterday to transfer money.

After a few minutes staring at the mail, I know it is a phishing mail which trap us to login through email link and intercept our login and password, and they can do whatever transfer they want * I assume*

Out of cusiosityI further proceed click the link and make the comparison on the fake-maybank login page and genuine-maybank login page. I found that there are a lot of similarities and few differences as below.

1) Same arrangement of the button and other tools
2) Using the same/similar fonts
3) Using the same icons
4) Using the same background color
5) Using the same WebTrust icon

1) The tab title
a. Fake = Welcome
b. Genuine = Maybank Title with Maybank icon
2) The security lock on the URL box

But overall still the same, and it definitely dangerous for those who are not aware of phishing term and the risk of it. Don't underestimate what hackers can do with our login and password, even though it's just the login and password. I don't dare to test, and any of you dare to? LOL!

Genuine Maybank Login Page

Fake Maybank Login Page

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  1. This phising scam have been going around for ages! And it is still going around... I mean it is already publicized that thre is such scam going on... if people really still go click and log in there sure is not updating themselves much.

  2. so dangerous lo all this scam now a days...

  3. wah!!! >.<
    Lady Viral take my first commenter place....

  4. It is really dangerous recently with all the scams around. Really got to be careful with all those fake webpages.
    Thanks for sharing this. Really got to be careful with it from now on.

  5. Many scams nowadays. Just have to be extra careful when doing internet banking and remember to clear cache

  6. i have a maybank online account too..but my settings are in such that i cannot transfer to any third party accounts other than the registered ones.. meaning i cannot transfer money to personal individuals... so it is safe in a way..

  7. ehhh you should ask maybank leh....i also got account in maybank and have registered for the online banking account thingy but so far i have not received anything like that....hope i will never haahaa touch wood...but seriously i think you should alert maybank so they know lar..

  8. sien those scammers...
    really really hate them..
    really really..
    i still not yet check my maxis account after i answered the fucker china anonymous number just now!
    I swear to God, i would peel their skin off if my balance suddenly increase for NO REASON!!!
    HATE THEM!! =.="

    *ignore what i said in the email about joining their forces.. damn*
    *email down again* KNS, got which day is not down one? u tell me la...

  9. KNS... testing 1 2 3..
    over over...


  10. Hey Dolly... come la I help u... we chat here... hahahaha

  11. Wa, you guys want to spam my post comment box ah???

  12. ok...
    kns punya email..
    where got company is hari hari server down one... T.T

  13. I also dunno la.. u ask ur IT la.. apasal server down everyday so jialat.. got do house cleaning or not 1? Say u miss many "important" email and may cause production line down... zzz

  14. Hahahaha! Ok.....JK IT tak GUNA!! Hahahahah!

  15. Eh dolly... tell JK IT, Spansion IT say they tak guna... maybe that can make them angry and fix the server... hahaha

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    ask liao IT..
    apa pun tak tau.. jialat... =.="
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    crazy de.. 1 day can recerve 500 email now..
    so busy... CEO also tak sebusy me..
    haih... wtf..

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  23. Software IT!
    Why u sound so like Dolly ar?? Are you Dolly!?
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  24. really is u dolly... -.-

  25. I wanna kill u liau..load your page so many times hang so many times!

    this spam i also kena
    then log into my mbb account that i save on previously..

    but actually my friend go click on the link then kena
    laugh at him kau kau,...cuz previously he told me where got ppl so stupiak then mana tau he kena..:d

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  32. one smart way, just test it with fake login in the fake site! you will know it right away!

  33. yeah gotta be extra careful when comes to money transaction esp online...

  34. Thanks for visiting my blog Elaine..take good care of your money and from what i see in your photo..u r cute hehehe...

  35. ladyviral : Hahahah..sometime, somebody not so alert one...they thought it's nothing...

    HJ : Ya wo..very dangerous..I also think twice before clicking the link....Yes, you lost to ladyviral! hahaha!

    Superman : Yalor..alot of people too free by creating those fake webpage !Hate them!!! Cis~~

    smallkucing : Yeap...Sometime it's very risky to do transaction online one....RISKY = DANGEROUS!!

    reneclaire:Hmmm..but if restricted ma very ma fan if you REALLY need to transfer money thru online? Then how?

    Manglish : Ya ya ya..I got alert Maybank liao..I reported the phishing link liao! I'm very good one!! Responsible citizen! Wtf!!

    Dolly : Sighh~~ Scammer......too free nothing to do!!

    Taufulou : Heheheh..dont kill me la...my fe-len SPAM my comment box ledi!!! Cis..... Oh ur friend kena? Then how? Money got dissapear or not?

    Hugo Lim : mmmmm.....using fake login.....Never test if wor...i scared to move further leh..worry they got my blogger login then spam it...wtf!!

    Dora : Ya lor...need to SUPER DUPER EXTRA careful!!

    Krisno : Hei, dont mention it! My pleasssure!Me cute? Thanks.......You take care of ur money too!

  36. maybank is maybank2u.com.my.. not maybank.my..


  37. look at the logo at the web address..can see the difference..

  38. Kenwooi : Ya! another pattern also! FAKE! TIPU OLANG PUNYA!

    Wenn : Ya, the logo is quite obvious...