Monday, October 19, 2009

:: My Farewell @ Tony Rama, Pyramid ::

At last, it’s my turn to be the heroin in the farewell party. LOL! Usually I will be the one who plan or organizing for the hero/heroin that are going to leave Spansion soon. But, never think of it would me so soon for me to join those “party” too.

Thanks to Shirrene for design the album-cover LOL! For my farewell party, which include my photo as background and my join-period just like how the R.I.P. Wtf!

“Dec 21 2007 – 30 Oct 2009”

Nice isn't it? "Let's throw a farewell in STYLE" <-- that slogan was so GENG CHAO!

The countdown left 10 working days with Spansion, 2 more weeks to go with Spansion and soon I will leave Spansion, leaving behind all my shits and pee (which I digested for the past 2 years me working with Spansion), leaving the farts that I farted quietly on my chair (without the notice of everyone around LOL!), leaving the restriction of SHORT 45 minutes lunch time, and leaving many more.

I think I did well in leaving my fame behind Spansion which include my particitipation in Spansion activities (Mother’s Day Card Design, Spansion Badminton, Kaizen’s Competition, Bowling Competition)

Ok, back to the farewell party, I choose to go Tony Rama Western Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid mainly because I never try on it before. And I guess it would everyone flavor to have western food instead of Japanese food, knowing somebody might dislike Japanese food (raw or ½ cook food). I myself would prefer western as compare to Japanese. So, that’s how Tony Rama comes in mind.

Originally, I thought we’ll going to have small-group farewell party with 6 of us going out for lunch. I wasn’t prepared for a big group and unexpectedly, the number of people increase to become 11 persons at the end. Wtf! But luckily still not a lot as compare to Shannon’s farewell which sums up at 20+ peoples joining. I don’t like mass group farewell celebration. I just want to keep it as simple and as intimate as possible.

Another weird thing which freaks me the most is where “someone” who famous with back-stabbing/split tongue (lidah bercabang) and who used to backstab me once joined the party as well. WTF! Obviously, she just wants to join the “snaking” session and not sincerely intended to see me for the last few weeks. Can I say NO for her participation in my party? Oh ok ok..cannot…because I’m not that “small gas”! I let her join by the way. LOL! Anyway, since all of them have arranged so I just let it go with the flow.

Guess what, I had the longest farewell lunch which takes us almost 3 hours from the moment we leave Spansion until when we stepped back from Tony Rama lunch. We departed at 12:30pm and reach Sunway Pyramid at 1:00pm and took us 30 more minutes to there with light traffic-jam along the way, 10 minutes to look for parking and overall it took us 40 minutes to reach the restaurant. This proven 45 minutes is impossible for us to make any lunch outside even though Pyramid is not very far from Spansion. *mumbling again on Spansion 45 minutes lunch*

Let’s picture do the talking on how we are doing on the lunch. One word to describe “FULL”!!!! The portion for each of the meal is so big which enough to fill 2~3 stomachs (maybe small stomach). And the plate of spaghetti can even fulfill 3~4 persons, just imagine how big the meal was.

Tony Rama, I AM COMING!!!

The menu for the day~

Yen Nee, Shirrene, Me and Tinee (from left)

Me, Hui Juin and Siew Ping (from left)

Micheal , Me and Ang (from left)

Nonie, YS, LE (from left) and me (back)

Peace! The superman of the day! He manage to finish all of his meal!

Variety of the sauces (the specialty)

Ta..daaa~ I designed using the four sauces..Creative isn't? LOL!

The Designer!

The soup of the day

The Onion Loaf (RM12.90 for full loaf) ICHIBAN! Good!

The GIANT Spaghetti for one person! Wtf! How the hell one person can finsih it? Right?

Shirrene with her rosted chicken set

Mojo Chicken

Salmon ...yummmmyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me trying to finish the pieces of chicken fillet......

No CANNOT LEDI!! I'm FULLLL!!!!!!!!!

All forcing themselve very hard to finish their meal!

Burrppp!!!! I bet all felt exhausted!

After the meal, I was asked to give a speech (as normal torture event for the hero/heroin of each farewell party) and as I told you since I was not prepared for big group farewell party, I WAS NOT PREPARED at all! And I just felt so nervous ended with “Thank you, thank you, sorry sorry, and thank you again”! Wtf! I don’t know what to say ler!

I know I did badly in the speech, so I purposely made a slideshow using all the photos I’ve taken with Spansion’s colleague together with thank you speeches along the way. So what do you think? Touching? *hehehehheh*

As usual we do the group photo taking at the end of the lunch, my last group photo with the team. Frankly, I almost cried when they asked me to give out the speech, yes, I am an emotional person. I don’t feel sad but just feel emo especially when thinking that soon I will be leaving all of them behind. *sob sob* I know it’s my decision to move forward, but it’s not easy when thinking that you will be leaving all your 2 years relationship with all of them whether it’s good memory or bad memory, it’s still something to be mesmerize.

Lastly, some of camwhoring photos while on the way back to look for our car making our way back to work after a veryyyyyyyyyy long lunch~ Really appreciate for joining me at this farewell lunch, whether you re sincerely or not. LOL! But for those who are, I really will treasure every moment we’ve been together as a team, as colleague, as member or whatever we are and will become “WAS” soon. Wish you all the best for all the undertaking and please do remember me always! I love you all!

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  1. yum... the onion ring loaf does indeed look good. thx, that will be the motivator for me to check out tonys.

  2. Argh, d foods so tempting. Really huge portion too. I wonder if they have Tony Roma at Penang or Melaka.

  3. 10 more days..
    bye bye elaine... T.T
    see you on =.="

  4. Still have more to come! hahaha... prepare ur stomach!

  5. What a good farewell party for you! Oh that card with the dates sure looks like a RIP notice. LOL!

    I love Tony Roma's food! : )

  6. naughty girl, waste all those ketchup on the ugly face? lolz

  7. waaaaaaa how come u so special? everyone go to serambi corner and u get tony? wat's next?

  8. tony roma's is good for their steaks... and no body took steak? o.o

    such a good farewell... i think i wouldn't even see a small farewell when i leave my current company... and i have been witht hem for 10 years... my boss is a berat sebelah person... only like the sales and those who can save his money -.-; all admins are useless to him pffft.

  9. i ate at tony roma once before.. okay la.. but expensive.. haha..

    so where are you leaving too? all the best ya! =)

  10. nice pic and nice song..

  11. Is the salmon baked with cheese??(gulp~) The foods look soooo nice~~

  12. dSaint : Seriously, the onion loaf really taste good! MUST try it when u drop by any Tony Roma ok!Special recommended by ME, ELAINE!

    Chris_lim : Ya wei, really big...2~3 person order one meal enuf =_="

    Dolly : left 7 more days nia..See you today *today is wednesday*

    HJ : Hmmmm..mana mana? how many more to come LOL?

    Foongpc : Ya, means I will die on coming 30th October..HAHAHA Choi!! touch wood!!

    L2 : Hehehehe, for camwhore purpose~ Cuteleh`

    Manglish : Errr...Becoz Elaine geng chao lor! Hahahah!

    Ladyviral : ya wor, nobody get steak...funny hor... :p Im going to new company....Leaving SPANSION!!!!

    Wenn : Thanks!

    Theeggyolks : There is cheese as topping!! Yummmmyyyyy!!