Monday, October 05, 2009

:: Lantern Festival Part II @ Setia Alam ::

Part II Lantern Festival took place at Setia Alam, Sook Mei's house (my 2nd sister's house). This is another gathering for Tams’ family, Cheahs’ family, Lees’ family and Ngs’ family for this year Mid Autumn Festival celebration.

So fast, a year passed since our last year MAF celebration . As usual, each member will need to prepare (or buy) dishes for the night so our beloved mom does not need to cook like hell to fulfill our hungry stomachs! LOL!

I still remember last year MAF ended tobe Curry festival as many of us prepare curry-dishes such as chicken curry, curry mee hun, curry rendang! Not sure how this will year will ended with..will all of us prepare the curry-themed-dishes too? Let's see....*scroll down to know*

Dish Preparation for Elaine
I scratched my head for few nights on what to prepare. I do have a plan to cook with my half tong water cooking skill. Opsss…Sorry, I think not even reaching half of the tong… Both “jelly moon cake” and “sushi” is in my options, thanks to Molly who knew the recipe for these.

Jelly moon cake need a lot of preparation which includes the mold for moon cake, the ingredients and after further discussion with the chef, few trials are needed to get a successful attempt! So I banned this, because I do not have a lot of money to get so many ingredients for multiple try, and I hate doing multiple try! I will end up with the FAILED mooncake inside the dustbin or inside the toilet bowl… DEETTTTT!! No jelly mooncake..

Next choice is sushi, where I started to browse for Sushi recipe, on how to make the rice, how to wrap it, how to make nice sushi. I guess it should be easy to make and will not take me a lot of time.

And sushi is easy to eat too, where you just need to grab using your 2 fingers and put all in one inside your mouth, as easy as 1..2….3…..right?

Ok, sushi is definitely will be my dish for the night….To be continued……

The morning – when I was in my dreamland

The Sunday has arrived where all of us started to prepare for the night. My mom started to prepare since morning by visiting the wet market early in the morning (but I’m not following because mom did not inform me and I still in my enjoying dreamland WTF!!). Bad daughter huh..hehehehhe! She started to cut and prepare all the ingredients, while I started to continue my napping. HAHAHAHHAHA!

The night – The party began
All of us reached around 8:00pm and we all started to show off our surprise dishes to each other, telling the history of the dishes, like how to cook, how long to cook, how to get the ingredients, and etc!

Let’s begin with the list:

1) Dad – He “suggested” Red Bean Dessert. There is a reason why I quoted because it’s my mom who cooks it, while he suggested it. More to like his order, mom prepares his order. WTF!! Anyway, thanks for dad suggestion so we had red bean as dessert for the night.

The yummy and fulfilling red bean dessert..RM3.60 per cup! Hahahah!

2) Mom – Mom is the greatest because she prepared 4 dishes for the night! Geng chao leh! She prepared curry chicken (Forgotten to take picture), fried glutinous rice, fried pork and jelly as another dessert! All of them got the best response from all the audience. LOL!

The rice! Full with the ingredient! Price --> Priceless!

The fried pork! taste great! My mom's new recipe!

The pineapple, choclate and sirap jelly

3) Steph – She prepared the “sambal ikan bilis”, but seriously…Stephanie… I want to tell you this fact..Actually, the ikan bilis taste….GREAT!! I ate quite a lot that night, and please chare the recipe ok! Thumbs up*

Stephanie with her "marvellous" sambal ikan bilis

4) May – She prepared 2 dishes which is Tomato MeeHun (her trademark dish) and Chicken Salad (no picture too =__=”). Whenever you see May, you will see tomato + mee hun on her face! Hahahahah!

May and her tomato...oopssss...Tomoto mee hun! :)

And the salad

5) Sally (sister in law) – She prepared the salted boiled chicken (if I name it correctly) for the night. And another great dish too as it’s very easy to eat with plain rice. And it’s not that salty and most importantly healthy too! Thumbs up too*

And brother keeps on asking us "Drink the soup! Must drink the soup!" And nevertheless, the soup really taste great and healthly! Great Job!!

The salted chicken! The soup is so healthy and yummy!!!!

6) Last but not least…Me..with my “sushi”. So how was it? Ok, for those who recognize the packing..Yes, It was not made by me, but it was made the chef who are selling sushi in Jusco Bukit Tinggi. WTF! I bought it from there, as I think you all won’t be satisfied with my cooking skill, so I do not wan't to torture your stomach. I promise to learn how to cook one next time! LOL! *cross fingers*

Ok, it was TA PAO from Jusco.. =__=" *hide at the corner and sob sob*

But it looks nice isn't? I promise I will made one myself next time.....Next time....someday...LOL!

Ok, let's enjoy the scene where all of them enjoying the suprise dishes from all of us. Thank GOD we do not have clashes in dishes and most importantly it's not curry-theme! Yes!!

The food...yummylicious!!

The baby licking the finger!

Everybody enjoying the food!

WOW! Dad even lick the plate! I bet the dish taste great!

Even Amanda said GOOD!!

All busy makaning!

With mom! Not sure why I show GOOD sign! I guess I want to say "I FEEL GOOD!" HAHHAH!

The price for a cup is RM3.90 please!!! Credit card not accepted!

Lee's family photo!

ROOAAAARR!! Enjoying the jelly!!!

After fulfilling our hungry stomach, it's time to play LANTERNS and CANDLES! It's Moon Cake Festival celebration dudes, babes! There comes all the antique and newly bought lanterns from all the families to celebrate the fullmoon night.

The parents takes turn to hang the lanterns for their kids, while I sitting finding the best angle for camwhoring with the lantern..HAHAHAHA!

As you can see, as technology starting to evolve, more and more lantern being innovated, and traditional lantern (those paper lantern with candle) will be absolute sooner or later. The style of the lantern really evolving where I've seen the electric-ladybird lantern with animated robotic style (the wings flipping while the music is playing) with attractive lights blinking througout the session! Damn CHIO!!

I wish I can get one for my future kiddo. But, I wonder how advance it will be by the time I got my babies, and I want to get the most advance lantern for them? =___=" Maybe lantern which is operated using remote? HAHAHAHHA! what you think?

The electric lanterns!

The ladybird lantern! Very advance one!

Brother, what are you doing? Peeping the candle? LOL..That's the bad thing about traditional lantern!

Cheah's family..


Mom and dad! How njoy to see them smiling for the lanterns! They are cute isn't? LOL!

Our family tradition, to combine as many events nearby as possible. So, since Tam Weng Loon (my youngest brother) birthday is around the corner (13th October), we will celebrate the day together! Same time, save effort, save money for sure (for the meal) HAHAHAHHAHAH! Hopefully, Tam Weng Loon would'nt mind that! You still have your birthday cake what?!! Hehehehhe!!

Anyway, wan to wish him Happy Be-earlier 22th Birthday! Wishing you to stay healthy, wealthy and be good! Sudah besar panjang! Everything also getting longer already, so must act like one!

The cake....1/2 kg cake!

The birthday boy, presenting Tam Weng Loon

Nope......she's not the birthday girl..just helping cutting the cake! HAHAHHA!

LASTLY, the group photo for the night~ It's really enjoyed when knowing all of us ready and waiting for the last photo session for every event. This proven how sporting all of us are, and glad to be part of the family! I love you all!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival guys!

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  1. wa.. D food looks great. Must ask your mom share her recipes with me.

  2. I want to join...>.<
    So many food.. TSL when u want to learn all and cook all for us?!!?

  3. the food looks yummy. Happy belated Mooncake festival!

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    here's the link:

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  4. potluck dinner huh? lotsa food me likey :D

  5. so fun.........and you cheat from jusco...of all the food har...i love ur mum's glutinous lotsa udang kering ar? u hokkien lang is it? tat one i think quite a hokkien dish leh....and i like the tomato bihun also....the sambal ikan bilis looked like kurang pedas leh....hahahah.....haizzzz make me miss all the food only...u har....:)

  6. So much food! Amazing how we can eat huh? :) Happy mooncake festival to you too!

  7. Aiya! At first I thought you were going to prepare sushi. Mana tahu, you ta pau from Jusco!!

    Well, better to ta pau than to come out with lousy sushi which no one eats right? : )

  8. Eh, your youngest brother is Alan Tam? OMG! Since when did he become younger and staying in Malaysia? LOL!

  9. All the food are so delicious! I'm hungry now - it's time for supper! Haha!

  10. wah..u really enjoyed yrself..great..

  11. Wah, lots of sushi, my son would love this party! Fried glutinous rice looks good!

  12. chris@dotagaki : Hehehehe! Ok ok! SET..i asked from her later....if she still can remember the recipe1 Hahahah!

    HJ : Errrrrrr......Sure you want me to cook for you? Sure or not??? =__="

    Life Ramblings : Happy belated to you too! Hmmmm...I want to display the FIRST COMMENTOR ah?

    Annant : hehehhe! yeap, potluck dinner! All combine into one! Phewww!!

    Manglish : Aisay, dont say cheat la...just make sure everyone do not ended up in the toilet... Heheheh!

    iamthewitch : Yeap! Alot....we cant finish it too.. Need to tapao!

    Foongpc :Tapao easier ma......I can't trust my cooking skill ler...Aisay..need to enrol into cooking class ledi...Yes, my brother is Alanta Tam...But younger version Alan Tam...

    Wenn : Hehehehe! yes, i did! How about your Moon Cake celebration? Good?

    Pete : Yes, the glutinous is the best!! The most filling dish for the night!!!

  13. is see this is where you show me la ha..:d

  14. Taufulou : Yeap! This is when I webcam to show you!! Heheheh!

  15. this makes me miss my family...

    fried pork...hmmm, we haven't been eating much pork here and the sushis!

    so much fun!

    btw thanks for dropping by my jif pj =)

  16. Ayie : Awwwww....nvm, you can enjoy the pork here! Hehehehe! You have a nice day ok!

  17. i want to stay at setia nice area....but fully sold out:-(

  18. I just move in last year, a very good place to stay:)


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