Sunday, October 04, 2009

:: Lantern Festival Part I @ Equine Park ::

BarBeQue BBQ...I'm back again~ Yes, this time I got the chance to eat the grilled chicken wing, at last! LOL!

Yves invited Mei Peng, Lian and I to her friend's Mid Autumn Festival BBQ dinner which was held in front of her Herbal Life Bearkfast shop. Guess what, it only cost us at RM10 only!Yes, RM10 per person! And it's ALL YOU CAN EAT! Cheap giler man!

I missed the chances to eat chicken wing last few weekends, but I AM BACK to grab all the grilled stuff, despite of me who just recovered / stil recovering from my sore throat/flu and fever..WTF!!! Hopefully it wont get worse, pray kuat kuat!

It was held at Teman Equine, Serdang which quite far from my resident. Thanks to Yves for being the "driver" for the night to fetch us there. LOL! Ok, not driver, the contributor who provide free transportation service. Sounds better huh? Hehehehe!!

While Lian who stay nearby will go by her own. Something funny happened that night with Lian who tried to find our location. Early instruction has been given telling her we are in Herbalife shop which located nearby One Station Cafe. The conversation as below :

Yves : Where are you?
Lian : In front of HerbaliXe lor..
Yves : Ya ya, we are inside, can you see us?
Lian : No wor....Where are you? I am in front of HerbaliXe too!
Yves : You wait us at One Station...we'll come over...

Oh......Lian mistakenly thought we mentioned on HERBALINE and not HERBALIFE! She thought we are in HERBALINE shop... =___=" Ok, the end!

Back to BBQ session, they provide typical BBQ foods such as chicken wings, hot dogs (not made from real DOGS), chicken ham, chicken balls (not sure it is chicken or sotong ball =__="), toast bread, and few more. And according to Yves, the most expensive stuff that we got chance to had is the "Herbal Life detox/diet tea" that they provide as complimentary drink for the night. Ok, I drank at least 3~4 big cups, worth for the night!

Another greatest thing for the night is we do not need to grill ourself....Geng chao leh! Thanks to Yves's friends and Yves's friend's husband for helping us to grill.

We camwhore alot during the night, despite that we are just wondering around in front of the shop... =__=" We pose with the chicken wing, we pose with the ham, we pose with the hot dog (look like blowjob picture wtf!!!), we pose with the dog, we pose with the drink, we pose with almost everything!

And we still continue our 2nd session at One Station nearby to quench our thirst. And not to forget camwhore again...LOL! Sorry, we are ladies who likes to camwhore...please bear with us! :)

Serdang + Shah Alam + Klang + Subang Group! Terror huh!

Another closer shoot! Pink VS White & Black...

Ham and Hot Dog in their mouth..or going into their mouth..

There is "something" outside of Lian (middle) mouth...if you could guess! Click to view larger image!

I found the arrangement nice....

Presenting Shawn, Suzanne's doggie... (Shawn, look at the camera, not the "hot dog")

Cute act with the fried tauhu!

Not sure how this 2 black balls called....It's something to eat for sure!
Idea to act like Ultraman (replacing the white egg)

Better and serious pose...

Mei Peng's turn to act with the black "stone"

Lian's turn!

It's somekind like "keladi", but it's not..

The chicken bone, thrown out from our mouth!

Lian & Mei Peng : "Can we eat now?"

And not to forget the burned hot dog! Which I think very delicious..Yes I ate it...LOL!!!

The color contrast so nice... I like, white black and PINK!!

Cekik Shawn for posing with me..Sorry Shawn!

Posing while hentaming the chicken wing!

The ham GAL!

Hows my pose with the ham??????

Oi,,, say 1..2...3.........All the hot dog is mine!!


With chicken wing...damn it...I know u started to feel annoyed with my pose.....Sighh~~

This picture abit scary!! Cis~~ Praying nobody is next to Lian (left)

Another one...

As I mentioned before, we went to Station One for our late "yum cha" session. We reached around 10:30pm and chat alot of things. And I learn new term throughout this sesion too.

Chui Yee asked me about this... "If someone (male) ask you whether you want them to wash your "wok" for you, what you will think?"

So, any idea what's that mean? WOK, Wash WOK....Wash WOK........You know what WOK meant to a women?? WTF!!! I'm sure it must be something not good and nasty! I knew the answer, but I will not reveal because maybe Chui Yee tricked me or fool me or somehow make a fun of me...And I think the asnwer somekind like ....hmmmmm....Not so reasonable leh~...LOL!

Let's see if any MALE or FEMALE know about that word..WOK...Let me know..Buzz me if you know...
Remember the meaning of WOK to a women... =_="

Ok, lastly, the picture taken at Station One.....

Chui Yee, the gal who asked me the "WOK" question..

Yves...with her Lemon Tea

Lian (who claimed she is sick that night) and Me..


Mei Peng and her drink.. (what drink is that ah??) =__="

Lian with her Menu..opsss...With Station One menu....

Us again~

Last group photo before leaving... :)

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P/S : Leave me comment if you know what the meaning of "WOK".... ^__^


  1. So nice lo! Can eat and no need grill!

  2. ohhh you die...with that burnt hot dog har sure your sore throat wil come bk one hehehe.....wat is WOK leh?

  3. You girls are really having a lot of fun there it seems. I like the Barbecue stand that use bricks as the wall. Nice arrangement.

  4. hahaha... "wash wok"... ur fren chui yee like guys to wash her wok izit?

  5. wei.. my drink is HONEY drink not LEMON drink, wtf!
    and next time is your turn to be the "DRIVER" =___="""""

  6. wow! seems like u had a very enjoyable night! nice blog u have here! very colourful!:)

  7. yo.. so nice loh..
    here tak ada kaki BBQ leh..

  8. manglish : Aiyoh....u so bad...curse me DIE....Cough couhg..yes, I am still coughing now.....Sighh~ You la...So syui...curse me.. Errrrr...I can give u tips./....Process & Part in body! Guess it!

    Superman : Yeay! I like it too~ Not so enjoy because I only eat one chicken wing..heheeh! But i eat alot of HOT DOG! So, now I looks like Hot Dog ledi! HAHAHH

    John : Hahahah! U know what's wash wok?? What it meant then?

    Anonymous (Teru) : Ok! Lemon drink....wei, i got be driver all the times ok! =___="

    Gabriel : heheheh! Enjoy and FULL too! Colorful like lollipo ho...My nick name is LOLLY LOL!!

    Dolly : U come to KL la...we BBQ sama sama! But you BBQ for me...wakakakkak!