Wednesday, October 14, 2009

:: Rebellion @ One Utama, Damansara ::

After hibernating from cinema for so long, it’s time for another movie review. We picked “Rebellion” this time, a action (more to gangster-type of movie) HK movie starring Shawn Yue, Chapman To, Ada Choi, Elanne Kwong, Paul Wong (Beyond lead singer).

Official Synopsis
REBELLION is set over a single night, as five gang bosses - Jimmy, Sand, Jupiter, Coffee and Man Ching - break their uneasy alliance and a vicious turf war threatens to engulf the city. Over the past few years, these five big brothers have remained peaceful and amicable with each other, agreeing to separate territories and keeping violence to a minimum.

Po (Shaun Yue) is Jimmy's number one bodyguard and after being given the night off to celebrate his birthday, Jimmy is gunned down in the street and lies in critical condition in a backstreet surgery. Everybody is in agreement the assassination attempt was an inside job and the prime suspect is the hotheaded Blackie (Chapman To), Jimmy's No.2 whose thirst for power is well known.

Jimmy's wife, Cheung Wah (Ada Choi), commands a great deal of respect but is in Taiwan on the night of the attack. Blackie should automatically become the new head, but because of his volatile personality, Cheung Wah elects Po to oversee things until she can get the first flight back in the morning.

Unfortunately, Po has just polished off a bottle of Johnnie Walker and is blind drunk. Not only is he struggling to function properly, he is constantly heaving his guts up. Suffice to say he is not in the best condition to play peacekeeper. It is up to Po to track down the assassin and find out who is responsible before Blackie or any of the other bosses turns Kowloon into a war zone.

Blackie spends the night ensuring that Sand, Coffee and the others are on his side, while berating Po at any given opportunity for hiding behind Cheung Wah and stealing the leadership that is rightfully his. Meanwhile, Sand is going toe to toe with the police, who have shut down one of his most profitable streets to look for the assassin and Coffee, when he's not humping his girlfriend in his car or on a fire escape, is quietly making deals of his own.

All these elements combine to make a very tense first half, before the situation escalates into a full-on street war with brawling gangs of chopper-brandishing hooligans chasing each other round the streets of Mongkok.

Personal Sypnosis
This movie is nothing more but full with the scene of "pek yau" with the knife. LOL! But I'm sure for those who hunger for such scene will like this movie. As usual, a bunch of gangster dressed in all black (I wonder why must be black and not red?) running around supporting their so-called BIG BROTHER when he/she needs it.

As usual, the appearances of Chapman To makes everything funny, even though it's not funny. I guess his plumpy-look make him funny without the need to say out a single word, a perfect cast for comedy. Ada Choi as Cheung Wah, Jimmy's wife also impressed me alot too by showing her "style" as "big sister".

Overall, giving rating at 5/10 because me myself not a gangster-movie lover but still better than other stupid-HK comedy which really not worth paying RM10/RM11 to the cinema for it.

Movie Trailer

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  1. I still miss the old Gangster movies by Ekin Cheng. That was the best and classic.

  2. I love gangster Young and Dangerous, Election.....

  3. Hi Elaine, I haven't seen a movie for months now.
    Last one was 'Lust and Caution'....starring Tony Leong.
    Have you seen that movie?
    It has the most explicit sex scenes even Hollywood will nor film.
    I thought it was a war movie too, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  4. hmm.. i have also been hibernating from the cinemas.. didnt watch movie..
    and i never heard of this movie..
    dont watch chinese one also.. =P

  5. i haven't seen any movies lately due to time constraints.

  6. I used to like gangsters movie. Now My appetite changed to science fiction movie. Hehehe

  7. I haven't been to the movies for ages too... oh wait I watched Gamer with my husband...

    But then again, I am not a fan of chinese shows much :P.

  8. I believe this show is about "ta ta sak sak" one right? the melee, the fight, the punches and whatever not.

    thank for the comment, will check it out.

    hey take care now,really appreciate you coming by my blog and leaving comment, will do othewise

  9. I very seldom watch this kind of movie...

  10. Superman : Yeap! That was good1 Young & Dangerous I, II, III, IV, errr.still got some more???

    manglish : Yalor, I hate gengster one!! heheheh1 If you act, I will give 10.10!

    pete : I don't like Election, very boring....I like Infernal Affair more!

    Uncle Lee : Lust & Caution...the one with naked Leong? hahahahah!

    Kenwooi : let me know earlier, so if not good, I can avoid it.... =_="

    Life Ramblings : Must find time go enjoy! release preassure ma...!

    Willie : Science Fiction like "Da Vinci Code"..hehehe!

    LadyViral : Why everyone not into Chinese movie leh hor? Coz HK movie not good?

    Eugene : Yeap! ta ta sat sat one!! Cannot let kids see one! Wokkayy!! same to you, take care!

    Dora : Hmmmm..then should watch ler...You like "pek yau?"

  11. "but still better than other stupid-HK comedy which really not worth paying RM10/RM11 to the cinema for it."
    POINTING to me la! i'm the one WHO ALWAYS PAYING FOR RM10/RM11 for STUPID-HK COMEDY =___=