Tuesday, October 06, 2009

:: Dynamic Music Note ::

I think this is somehow useful MUSIC NOTE to share with, because I think it provide a lot of inspiration to all MUSICIANS to work with.

You can choose any notes to play with, and I'm sure it will end with remarkable memories of MUSICS throughout the process.

Female MUSICIANS and Male MUSICIANS can sing these notes at almost anywhere. bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, public toilet, hall room, staircase, ANYWHERE! LOL!!

Oh ok…I’m not that music-talented ok…I'm not saying the A#...B# flat notes, I'm not saying that I know to read music note, I'm not saying I know how to play piano... Ok, forget about the music..

Something that I think is funny...That I want to share with you all here. Those who needs it might think it's resourceful, and you might use this as references! LOL! Let me know you are familar with which "NOTES"...HAHAHHAHAH!

So which one you like the most? WTF!!!

P/S : Ok, personally I don't understand the last pose (the 1st from right, 1st row from bottom) : I assume the middle one is Male..

The the one kneeing down can be female/male..But how about the one at his back??? Male or female? If it's male, means male XXX male? Or if female they are using what to XXX?

Confusing... Anyone can enlighten me? Sorry, I'm a NAIVE gal...HAHHAHAHAH!!

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  1. Wahahahaah.... Nice nice! Where do u get it WTF?

  2. lol..
    im trying to "play" the music notes! =P


  3. haha..this is so funny! well, some sort of "creativity" i guess.. =P


  4. Hi Elaine, cute music notes. What I would call 'the music of love'.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  5. you're corrupting my mind Elaine. :)

  6. hahhahahaha.......where u get one? hahhahaa......i think the title should be LOVE LULLABY hee...:)

  7. tony wan : heheheh...from SPAM mail lor...cute leh U like it? Which one?

    Kenwooi : Ohhh.....can play or not? Take those high standard one...hehheh

    Yee Lin : Yeah! creative enuf!

    Uncle Lee : CUTE MUSIC NOTES! Music of love....ya, i should change hoe...

    manglish : or MAKE LOVE LULLABY? heheheh!