Thursday, October 08, 2009

:: Warming Morning Welcome ::

Have you ever feel happy to go to work everyday? Or at least something that make you feel happy by the time you reach office?

* How about someone who deliver a bouquet of flowers and put on your table with “Specially For You” message and of course you’ll see it once you walk to your table?

* Or how about with someone who clean your table while u left with all papers scattered around, all the wires dangling all over your desktop or with files not being arranged?

* Or how about when someone completed your pending task and leave you a note “It’s for you” message?

Ok, I bet any of them will make you happy when you reach office. But what make me felt happy the most is this………………………………………..

*flashback to 7th October 2009, 6:45am*

I was preparing to go to work, groom my hair and make up. But all of sudden, my stomach feel “semacam”, so sick which make me feel un-easy with standing position. To be specific, “something” which forcing me to go toilet like every 10 seconds and ended with me sitting on the toilet bowl trying to eliminate the action of wearing and removing my pant again and again every 10 seconds. WTF!!!. HAHAHAHHA! WTF! Still considering whether to post all the details for this. *thinking thinking and thinking again* Ok, plan not too coz it’s too embarrassing. LOL!

* fast forward to 7th October 2009, 7:00am*

I sms Hui Juin saying that I will be late for work considering my situation (maybe need to stick on the toilet bowl for at least one hour*. Normally both of us will go for a morning breakfast before starting our dreadful day. So, better to inform her so she can go eat/ tapao for herself, while I continue to sit on the toilet bowl. LOL!

It’s going too late for me to go to work already after 15 minutes on the toilet bowl. Thanks to Malaysia “good” traffic to work plus Shah Alam, a city which packed with roundabouts (jammed roundabouts to be specific). I need to force myself to go to work so I won’t be late. Damn it! I should take MC isn’t? I’m such a discipline and responsible worker. Sigh~ I regretted now…

Anyway, I made my way to work and reached 10 minutes before the alarm ringing sharp at 8:00am. Of course, on the way I received sms’es from Hui Juin asking whether I can make it for the breakfast. I thought I can make it and who knows the “stupid uniformed-man who worked for police-force with super fugly black baja-hitam spec with rotten white glove and who think he can pretend to be RAIN or LAM FUNG” (Yes, I’m FUCKXNG angry that time) ushering cars off from traffic light, so we need to make a BIG-U-TURN. WTF!

Thought I was late, rushing to punch my card and thank GOD I wasn’t late for work. I walked through the alley to my desk and guess what….”someone” has put a sandwich and a cup of RM0.50 Nescafe with less sugar and creamer on my table.


Tuna sandwich...with spilled tuna and mayonnaise

Awwwwwwwwwww…..Even though it’s not from my admirer, even though it’s not from any handsome colleague(s), even though not from my boss who wants me to stay instead of resigning and leaving BUT from Hui Juin ( my female colleague who had “Elaine’s LES” nickname )…. HAHAHAHH! But, I do feel happy and feel warmth for the little surprise on my table, despite of my constant toilet urgency. LOL!

See, it’s so easy to make me happy! So, anyone who read this, just buy me breakfast every morning and make sure you must put it secretly without my notice wo… HAHAHAHHA! And please remind that you must put breakfast which can be eaten and not putting a death cockroach/lizard on my table. =__=”

Thanks Hui Juin! You can keep doing it for the rest 3 weeks before I permanently leaving Spansion and you. *sob sob*

My happy face with the sandwich!
Abit pale due to constant toilet-visiting WTF!! Dehydration~

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  1. your colleague is sweet!
    hmm.. going to work?? every morning tired lah.. lol..
    but it's nice to have someone doing nice things for us...
    i'd like it too! =)

  2. Warm drink and sandwiches...Great way to start a day especially given by someone so thoughtful :)

  3. Eh.. I want Pizza, Mac D breakfast, KFC breakfast, Nasi Lemak, and Sandwich... XD

  4. Never happen before...sigh.

  5. hhhahahahah so sweet....but u r leaving ar? tat's y she did it lar...try and say u r not leaving bcs of this....hahahahaha.........u get wat i mean...hahaha...where r u going then?

  6. haha..happy meh your face?
    hrmmm..i think that's the meal that she going to eat with in that company....:D

  7. hmmm... you r going to switch job?

  8. @manglish, I dont get wor! what u mean????

  9. hey Elaine, your post amuses me .. esp the berak pangsai script..hahaa... will come by here more often ..

  10. Ur friend so good ar..u must repay her someday ooo :)

  11. u hv such kind and considerate friend..

  12. awww that's just so sweet =)

  13. Nice colleague! The tuna fillings look good! Ahh, you face not so pale lah!

  14. Kenwooi : Ys, she is sweet, taste good too! Heheheh! Ya lor, a surpise every morning! So syiok!

    Smllkucing : Yeap, she is..All the time she is... Thank god I had her!

    HJ : Hahahahha! GEMUK EH!! Don't eat too much! KAKAKAK!

    Superman : I can buy for you..Mali mali mali! Heheheh!

    Manglish : Yeap, leaving in 3 weeks.. HAHAHHA! She is not that bad LOL!

    Taufulou : Happy la!m Must act cool also mah..Cannot laugh like soh por one!

    TZ : Yeap...going to change company..Sigh~

    HJ : @Manglish ! Please andswer HJ eh..what do you mean? Hahahah! HJ = Hui Juin...

    Agnes : Heheheh~ LOL!

    Reanclair : Opsss..You like the sai part? heheheh!

    The eggyolks : How to repay ah? with "yi sang siong hui" can ornot? Heheheh!

    Wenn : Yes, she is indeed!

    Ayie : Heheheh~ Yeap...She is....S.W.E.E.T!

    Pete : Ya..the tuna looks yummy...and taste Ok la.. :) Not pale meh..pale like ghost only LOL!

  15. I hope you are feeling better and that is so sweet to have a sandwich waiting for you. Such a cute blog! Thanks for visiting my blog too. Greetings from Los Angeles.

  16. so sweet of Hui Juin. This is what you call a friend! When you're almost late for work and no time to have your breakfast, and especially after a "hard time" in the washroom, it is so nice to see a cup of nescafe + sandwiches on your desk. It sure put a smile on your face.

  17. What makes my day at work? When people just do their job and stop making other people's life hell.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  18. I want the sandwich >:D

    Changing job ar?

  19. i nanged nanged you already cos the weekend is here ma?

    take care now Elaine and have a great weekend , stay happy

  20. work can be tiring. But so far, I am happy with my work.

  21. Happy face with the sandwiches :)

  22. Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog last few days.
    i got to say you have a nice blog here =).

  23. You have such a sweet colleague, err... ex-colleague soon! The sandwiches look nice, I love tuna-mayo very muchie...

  24. i don't remember having any excitement to go to work every morning lor!! excitement only happens on Friday afternoons only.. hahaha!!

  25. Martha : Thanks for visiting BACK my blog too! You too have a nice day!

    Annie Q : Yeay! She's happy so many "sweet" compliments for her! I bet she cannot sleep by tonight already!

    Mei Teng : had a bad day I guess..But that's true. I support 200%!!

    eugene : Yeah yeah!! Thanks for the nang! Happy weekend to you too!

    Willie : Wow! congratz to hear ur happy eh! Not everyone will find their work enjoyful! But you are! Congratz again!!

    Joseph Chan: heheheh *blushing* Thanks!Same to you!

    Dora :Yalor, soon to be ex....sigh~ Maybe she can deliver the morning suprise to my new office! HAHAHAH!

    SK : Friday afternoon, or close to off-day time? HAHAHAH! Me too!! *high five*

  26. the sandwich sure looks good. how thoughtful of your colleague!

  27. eh.. polly..
    u come my company, after that i resign..
    i also want!! but telur sandwich can d.
    and milo~

  28. plus your reply and make it to 30..
    eh.. when is your last day??
    after that still can email..?? >.<

  29. hmm... i recognize those monkeys... hahahaha~~
    fast fast do honest award!!!


  30. Hello Elaine, thanks for visiting my blog the other day. Couldn't visit yours until today.

    A very meaning post, to be realistic, no body actually loves to go to work. Not even a bouquet of flowers from a secret admirer I guess :o) Would you be if there's a bouquet everyday?

  31. Life ramblings : Yes, it taste good too! Yes, she is indeed! That's why her boyfriend still wants her! LOL!

    Dolly : Ya, remember must RESIGN only can get oh! Together with "going to toilet every 10 seconds" + "late to work"

    Dolly *again* : End of this month lor...Sigh~ Still can geh, provided I'm not busy like hell lor... hehehe!

    Donna *again again* : Ok, did it! And you commented it already. kns you =_="

    Ai Shiang : Hi Ai Shiang, Hmmmm....the bouquet of flower everyday can make me happy! Serious....So, anyone out there? LOL!