Thursday, October 01, 2009

:: Fatty Crab Meal & Lourdes Meal ::

Thanks to KFC (Kau Fu Jai), “aiya” god brother of my mom for the treat to celebrate his luck in hitting 2nd prize for lottery that he bought last week. We went to Fatty Crab, PJ for the celebration last weekend [ ya ya, I know it’s outdated post somehow]. This is the biggest trip, in amount of peoples to Fatty Crab where we need to reserve and combine 4 tables on a row to accommodate all of us.

By adding more and more family members to Tam’s family, Cheah’s family, Lee’s family and Ng’s family, making our family gathering or a simple dinner merrier and merrier. At the same time, more and more tables need to be reserve to fit all of us, except if we are gathering in someone’s house. Phewwww ~ Quite a headache too everytime in deciding where to go for family outing. One table is definitely not enough, but sometime 2 tables are more than enough. But, I bet sooner the members can fill up 2 tables as the toddlers are getting older, while babies are getting bigger.

Back to the celebration dinner, Crab becomes our main dish since we choose Fatty Crab for our event. Not only crabs, they are selling quite a number of famous dishes such as Chicken Wings, Bread Loaf that used to dip with crab’s paste, Fried Rice, Century Egg and Satay.

The famous chicken wings!!

The sweet sour crab!

The century egg. Anyone know this century egg is what type of egg? Is it duck or turtle?

The only one Fried Rice here

The chicken satay... Kajang Satay taste better! :)

All of us reach around 7:00pm, considering the traffic to Taman Megah together with the night market (pasar malam) on the same day, same place. We chat and laugh while enjoying our crab. There is a trademark joke that we used to say every time we eat crab.

There is once where my nephew who is still small that time (about 7~8 years old) asked to my mom “Ma-ma, you “POK” crab ah?”. And since then this phrase will always be used to illustrate the action of hamming the crab to get the meat. So, if you get the chance to join CRAB festival with our family, you will hear these phrases very often throughout the session:

“Please pass me the hammer; I want to POK the crab!” – followed by laugh for those who mis-understand the POK meaning...

“Why so hard to POK this crab one!” - followed by laugh too

“Yeh-yeh (grandfather), could you help me to POK this crab?” – you will laugh even louder when you hear it from toddler or small kids. *fainted*

“Faster faster pass me the hammer; I can’t wait to POK yeh!” - Damn~ this is not good for toddlers to learn right.

After all the POK-YEH session, we finished our gathering dinner at around 930pm, and went home with bloated stomach which full with crabs, rice, chicken wings and bread. Frankly, I don’t eat much because somehow my stomach doesn’t feel good that night. Just grab little fried rice and eat most of the century egg. Anyway, thanks KFC for the F.O.C treat! !

All busy pok-yeh'ing HAHAHHAHHA!

And mom is busying entertaining the kids....

Yeh!!! Kah Hoe (my newphew) manage to succesfully POK the crab!!

What are they looking at it?

Them..enjoying the food!

Me holding the crab for photo shoot purpose.... I did not eat a single crab that night. =____="

Map and Address for Fatty Crab, Taman Megah

Address : Fatty Crab RestaurantNo 2, Jln SS 24/13 , Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7804 5758
Business hour : Opens from 5.30pm to 11.30pm Daily, Close on Monday

Ok, after finishing about Fatty Crab Meal, continue with Lourdes Meal. You might be wondering where is Lourdes. A new restaurant? Western or Eastern Food? Where it is located? How is the food there? Nice or not?

The Lourdes is located at Shah Alam, Section 26, very near to my company. It has quite a number of “visitors” everyday provided the “chef” is here. Sometime the “visitors” will need to sit together in a bench waiting their turn to see the “chef” for the “food” recommendation for the day. This proven how good business the Lourdes is. WTF!!! Ok ok…some of you might know where and what is Lourdes already.

Lourdes is the name of the clinic which was located nearby Spansion. I fall sick yesterday by having constant cough/sore throat together with serious flu. My nose almost torn off due to constant rubbing and sneezing. I used the new box of tissue which I brought to office last week. When I see the amount of tissues in a new box, it stated there 100 pcs! WTF!! I used almost 100 pcs of tissues in a day?!! Can’t u imagine how suffer my nose was.

So to make sure I don’t continue to consume all the tissue bought by mom, I decided to drop by company panel clinic to get some medication to cure my flu and sore throat. At the same, who knows I might become the potential A (H1N1) carrier! Choooiii! Touch wood! Anyway, I got the medicine for flu, fever, and cough.

After took the “dinner meal” from Lourdes, I fall asleep from 6pm continue until this morning 6am. WTF ! I slept for 12 hours! Anyway, I still need to consume the meal from Lourdes to make sure I’m cured 100%. And don’t worry friends, don’t worry friends, I’m recovering, and doctor said “Don’t worry, not H1N1 *for now*!”. And for bloggers who read this, don’t worry too because H1N1 won’t spread through blog. WTF!!!

The "meal"....

The "rice" and "chicken"

Camwhoring with my meal ....Hehehhehehe!

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  1. So you went to Fatty Crab but did not eat a single Crab? What happen to the crab you posed with?

    Those looks yummy, I haven't had crab for some time now.. their cheese baked crab is good. I do miss it.

    Get well soon yea. Rest more and make sure to drink more fluids :).

  2. Wow, I like crabs. Century eggs are made of duck eggs.
    You take good care and get well soon!

  3. the crab is fresh...abit pricey though... :)

  4. LadyViral : The crab that I'm holding is for photoshoot ONLY... =_=" Not for eating...I passed to someone else...Don't worry..I got wash my hand after toilet...Kekekekek!

    Superman : Oh...Duck ya.....Ok, now I know...I thought dunno who's egg! LOL!

    Steph : Hmmmm.....I don't like crab ler...Very ma huan in eating! Ned to POK yeh! LOL!

  5. i've always heard of fatty crab but i've never been there, i so ulu hor?? anyway, i'm not a fans of crab actually.. but that chicken wings, OMG, so yummilicious!!!

    kekeke, so nice you went to Lourdes for desserts, hahaha!! get well soon btw~~ :p

  6. was the crab lar? i always heard about it but never must go the next time i go and the chicken wings looked yummy

  7. Ahhhh, Fatty crab, quite long didn't eat already....wonder Fei Loh is still chubby or has lost some weight! ha ha ha
    The fried rice and chicken wings taste good here. I don't know that they have pei tan as well.
    By the way, hope you get well soon!

  8. would love fatty crab..delicious..

  9. SK : Errr...not ulu la.....I't ok....abit kampung nia..HAHAHAH! Joking.... But the chicken wing, really good! Yummuuuuuyyyyyy~

    Manglish : Ya, the chicken wing really good! Should try it...find one day we go sama sama ok! hehehe!

    Pete : Hmmm, not sure wor....dinmeet the fei lou before also..LOL! I think getting fatter....coz the business getting better gua...

    Wenn : Yeah! Good fatty crag! But the isi still the same amount....tak banyak pun..Pok like hell, but get to eat little nia...Sighh~~

  10. Hi there! I love the crabs at Fatty Crab too! And the chicken wings! Not the satay though. LOL Why didn't you eat crabs?? Missing out! :)

  11. iamthewitch : Errr...Dunno leh..I feel so "ma fan" trouble to POK the crab, to korek the isi...cis~ Hopefully someone can volunteer do it for me..heheheh!