Tuesday, October 13, 2009

:: My last participation @ Spansion ::

Another participation for Spansion's activities, and guess what, this will be my first and last sport participation because I'm leaving in 3 weeks. *sob sob*

I will be participating in badminton tournament organized by SRC (HR commitee council) this coming Thursday. The poster for this tournament was up a month ago with weird rules and regulation. No registration fees are required for any registration.

Originally, they do not have any rule in gender-categorization (OPEN to everyone) which mean men's doubles might be fighting with mix-double or female's doubles. That's is so unfair right?? That is so unfair to me la to be specific! LOL!

They claimed the budget allocated for the prize is not enough for more than one categories. WTF! RM100 hamper for Champion and RM60 hamper for 1st-runner up is not alot ok! Maybe alot for a company which is in Chapter-11. LOL! Further giving excuses, they claim not many female will want to join for the competition. What a such naive statement, then I should be in which category? Pondan category ka? Hahaha!

They need to get at least 16 teams (men's double) and 8 teams (female's single) to complete the minimum participants. But luckily, they somehow manage to get all participants before the dateline due.

Ok, after further complains* from most of the ladies, the comittee decided to open another category for female single. Yeay! So I can join without the need to face or against any male opponent. Let me share the prize offered for the potential winners.

~ The prize ~

Men's double
1st : RM100 worth hamper
2nd : RM60 worth hamper

Female's single
1st : RM50 worth hamper
2nd : RM30 worth hamper

The last time me joining badminton competition was like humppppp* during Form 3, representing school for MSSD, year 1999....counting.......flickering fingers....OMG! It was 10 years ago! That SF long from now. But don't worry, not getting champion that time neither. Only manage to get into semi-final with a luck of not meeting state player before that.

But anyway, I did played with friends for fun as exercise last few months, and stopped since then. Still worried whether I can play like 10 years ago, and not embarassing myself infront of other player.

I registered myself and I will be fighting my 1st opponent for my 1st game this Thursday. So wish me good luck, and I hope to post some good news to share with you all.

Can spot my name? Tam Sook Ling! Yeay, that's me!

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  1. wish u the best of luck! XD
    Btw...nanged your post on innit and clicked on your ads...^^

  2. tarik polly join sama sama leh..

  3. hahahah hope u win har...and remember to take pics during the contest :)

  4. Eeeecks.... another case of unfair gender inequality. The 1st and 2nd prizes in both categories sld be fairly equal btw the men and women.

  5. Btw, nice to know another Tam :)

  6. Prize are not that attractive but the most important thing is "Sport spirit"(Direct translation from Cantonese :P)

  7. Oh, this is great! Have fun :-D

  8. Haha , your post just reminds me how sucky am I in badminton...Ahem.
    Anyway hope you have fun !

  9. hey ya, ahmoi! welcome back on track! i know you can DO it :))))


  10. badminton.. so long din play edy.. haha..
    all the best ya =)


  11. Kennee : Thanks! Oh, thanks for the nand too!

    Dolly : I drag liao~ She rela die also don't want to join =_="

    Manglish : Yeay! *cross finger* Let's see whether I win or not k? Stay tune for the photos ok?

    Gratitude : hahahah~ Ya, I also think the same..but I think it's equal because winner (gold) will get RM50 somehow... Oh, you also TAM ya?

    Smallkucing : Yalor, not that attractive, but I also want to win it leh~ If I am capable la..hehehe!

    Agnes : Yeah! I will, thanks!

    Joseph Chan : You're sucks? Sure or not? Let's test it someday...heheh!

    Teru : Yeap! I hope I can! Wish me luck ok!

    Wenn : Thanks ya!

    Kenwooi : Wokkayyy! Come la, find a day play together gather!

  12. all the best in your tournament.