Friday, November 14, 2008

:.. Hmmm, Yummy Steamboat ..:

Unbeliavable? We drove so far from Shah Alam --> Sri Kembangan for our early steamboat dinner. Then back to Shah Alam <------ Sri Kembangan after that.

Kah Wai our driver (*joking*) for the day, together with 3 beauty leng lui's (Elaine, Siew Ping & Hui Juin) make their way to somewhere at Sri Kembangan to try strongly recommended place by Kah Wai for steamboat.

It was not porridge steamboat, it was not soup-based steamboat but teppanyaki steamboat. Hmmmmm, sorry i do not know where (even though i was in the car and was there for dinner), but as you all know, i'm a road blinder (whtever it called).

I'm having difficulty in recognize or remember the road to certain place easily. *Short term memory loss* However, one thing funny to be shared is when we had finished our dinner, and moves our butt into the car, and start to wish we can go back Spansion within 30 minutes but ended up need around 45minutes-1 hour.

The story began when our driver, mr KAH WAI said he want to follow short-cut to make sure we can reach in less than 30 minutes (somekind of showing-off).

He jalan-jalan-jalan, and we found out that we are turning and turning around in house-area. Feeling weird and cannot stand but ask

"Kah Wai, we are lost is it??" and as expected, he asnwered "Yes, we're lost!" WTF!

Hahahahah~~ Then he keep jalan-jalan-jalan-jalan-jalan for another 5-10 minutes, and we can't stand again and ask

"Kah Wai, we are still lost? ", and expected again he answered with so cool "Yes, we are lost, and i do not know where i am now"...

HAHAHAHHAHAH~~ So funny, and he ease our feeling of being lost, by saying we will follow back the LONG road instead of following short-cut....Thats the end the story, and the morale of the story is ---> "Biar lambat, asalkan selamat *sampai Spansion*" Hahahahah!!

The hero for the night

Ta-daaaaaaa~~~~Looks Spicy~~~Yeay~~

Our sifu and her "art" for the day - "Butter-Prawn"

It's camwhore time again

What's on ur hand??? Looks like green worm..Hahaha

Group Photo (3 leng luis')

Yeap~~~ It's me again~~~ With hmmm..arrrrr....ehhhh.... on hand..

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