Thursday, November 13, 2008

:.. Being awarded ..:

It's been 11 months joining Spansion as an IT engineer,
It's been 11 months i've been involved in Spansion's daily application support,
It's been 11 months i've been joining my collegues in their daily work scope,
It's been 11 months i've been working since i graduated my degree,

Can't believe it, it's been 11 months...The times really passing fast, out of my expectation.
Another month, i'll be a year staff in Spansion, Fuhhhh~~

Not much to tell, maybe to share one thing, a group of us have been awarded for the contribution on the integration project among other Spansion (Bangkok, Suzhou, Penang and KL). All of us become closer by sharing the same application, opening the same GUI to perform transaction.

We were awarded a certificate, and pens (will snap and post it later). At least something good i can share about Spansion. *wink*wink*

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