Sunday, November 02, 2008

:.. D.E.T.O.X for 5 days..:

3rd November 2008 - Monday
Poo : 8:30am
Breakfast 9:00am - One piece of corn-cracker
Lunch 12:30pm - Half of honey-dew
Poo: 1:15pm
P/S : 1:50pm -->> So hungryyyyyyyyyy lediiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.......
Snack 5:00pm - Another piece of corn-cracker
Dinner 6:30pm - 2 oranges + 2 slices of orange-flavoured roll-cake (OMG!!!so fattening)

4th November 2008 - Tuesday
Poo : 6:30am
Poo : 8:30am
Breakfast 11:00am : Half of honey dew
Lunch 12:45pm: Mee-hon + Vege + Tomato Bean (Need as will need energy to play badminton tonight) - * hehehe*
Dinner 9:00pm - Half of papaya (philiphine papaya-small)

5th November 2008 - Wednesday
Poo : 5:30am
Poo : 8:30am
Poo : 9:20am
Breakfast 10:30am: Grapes
Lunch 1:00pm: Chicken Rice with yummy chili sauce (OMG, what i've done!-but thinking i've poo 3 times.....hmmmmm)
Poo : 5:30pm
Dinner 6:30pm : Small portion of rice + vege + Grapes as the dessert (quite heavy also..Will determine for the plan tommorow *wink*wink*)

6th November 2008 - Thursday
Poo : 2:00am
Poo : 2:30am
Poo : 3:30am
Poo : 9:30am (lil* but only)
Breakfast 10:30am : Rose Apple + Green Apple
Lunch : Fried Rice (try to minize the in-take) + Tomato Bean + Chicken
Poo : 5:30pm (lil* but only)
Dinner : Mee Rebus (OMG!!!) + Papaya & Rose Apple as dessert
P/S: I guess will failed for this week's DETOX plan *hahaahh*

7th November 2008 -Friday
Poo : 7:30am
Poo : 9:30am
Breakfast : Rose Apple and Green Apple
Lunch : McDonald + French Fries

There goes my diet plan, and the result is........Jeng!Jeng!Jeng!!! I lose 2 kgs in 1 week..Hahahah! Not many but its a good start (considering i ate normal lunch/breakfast/dinner during this time).

2 kgs ...ok la..........

I'm on detox program again on TruDtoX™..Haahahah~ Since my last detox program on Kenko Diet Plum. It was introduced by Kung Hui Juin, who dropped 10 kgs in 3++ months . I wish to be like her as well, to reduce 10 kgs to become XX kgs. Everyone noticed her weight drop, and chasing her for the secret behind the secret including me! Hahahah~

It was 5 days detox plan, which best to be fit with 5 days fruit plan. This means you can only eat fruits for the days where you had the detox tea daily. You can more information here. I had bought honeydew, oranges and green apples for my detox plan. I will post my daily breakfast/lunch/dinner meal over the blog, to make sure the transparency FORCE me to discpline myself to the max. You know la, so much of food temptation around..

I just had the 1st cup of tea while posting this blog...the taste, Yeaakkk~~~ tast so medicine! Maybe i left it for about 1 hour in fully air-cond room, and it become COLD tea, instead of hot-tea...Anyway, the taste still YEAKKKKK~~!!!

The tea bag

Stay tune for more HOT storiessss...

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