Thursday, October 30, 2008

:.. We are growing ..:

"We are growing...", to become more mature, to become prettier, to become more adult, to become us with longer(hair), and more more more more more...In blink of eyes, we are what we were now...Still fresh in my memories, where 3 of us spends our time together when we are kids, where mom forced May and I to become TWINS although we are not..Curling our hair with the same style, dress us up with the same pattern of dresses, and how 3 of us playing masak-masak (fake-cooking) together, fighting for the turn to play Barbie Doll, with the pink closet. *hahahah*

Steph has completed her teenager century and step ahead to become wife and mummy, same to Mei who is preparing to become a mummy soon....Left me behind, although good to remain single unmarried, as i can stay to be the youngest forever *at the moment*. You can see how we transform from "cute and adorable kids" to become "pretty and mature ladies". Unbelieveable?? "Believe it! - Ripley's believe it or not trademark.

The huge transformation of us

Let's start with Stephanie.....She was the eldest among us..Thus, she's the taller among us (few years back, as Tam Weng Loon Sook Mei started to grow mush tallerrrrrrrrrrrrr after eat all of Stephanie and my share of food..Grrr~~~~). Since she was the eldest, thus she was the most fierce one among us...Aiya, u know la, big sister (tai ka che) anyhow need to show her *power* as the biggest one...*heheheh*

I still remember we used to fight alot, name the fight, we had it...Mouth fight, cold war fight, hot war fight, eye fight (jeling-menjeling), hand fight, leg fight....She always scold me for *stealing - actually is borrowing without asking ok...* her dresses/shirts without her permission.....scold me for not clearing my clothes, scold me for jeling her....and more....

But now i know, all that she did is for my good sake....but it's too late now, as she not with me already (in same house). So everything will remain as memories in my mind...

Continue with my 2nd sister, Sook Mei. She's the most quiet and the most hardworking one among us..Mom used to pamper her alot as she likes to clean the house. Thats how she got the nickname "Pan Mui-Maid". So normally, i will dirty up back the things, mess up the things after she cleared teruk hor...Jealousy..normal la...*wink*wink*

She used to have "ah lian" look, by wearing large and long dress..But everything changed when she started to grow. Now she's the prettiest among us by having fair and smooth skin, nice and sexy eye brow..*ahahahahah*

As i mentioned earlier, we used to be twins....but now, you can see the clear differences between us...And not forget to mention, she always gets the top in her class...It's either the 1st or the 2nd.. So again, jealousy comes when i remain stay "above" 10th in the ranking. Grrr~~ Bengang right...Hahahahah...But now i know, it doesnt matter to be the top or the last, it is enough as long as we know how to appreciate everyone around us, know how learn to become better, know how to improve to live better...The bottomline is, we all are the same...Don't ever ever compare, as this will not bring us anywhere..

Last but not least, myself..Frankly, i like the look when i was small..The cute look....Chubby look, especially when i have the "coconut hair" and "seaweed hair"...Hahahah~~I used to have big eyes, small nose, and small mouth which i think suit my face the most when i small...But now, maybe because im growing, same goes to the diameter of my face, but my eyes ad mouth remain the small, not now looks weird...*hahahahah*

I still remember how bad tempered i am when i was small. Mom used to throw me down from staircase (of course acting to throw la.., else i wont be here today*hahaha*) because i "fat pei hei" showing my temper because of something, forgotten ledi...And i remember i used to commit suicide using those metal blade because mom scold at me..*hahahahha* So funnnyyyyyy when recall that....

And i got a nickname u know, and a trademark also..Nickname = "Lun Chun Mau" - careless cat...because i always spoil something up whenever i sit near to dining table...Trademark = "Yat Em cho Yeh, Yat Cho Yeh Jao Da Lan Yeh" - I will always break something whenever i help them...Something like that..Its a cantonese proverb to describe someone who is damn damn careless...Hahahhaah~~

Sis, i'm learning.......

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