Tuesday, July 29, 2008

:.. We are proud of you..:

Stephanie Tam Sook Hsia (1st daughter), Tam Sook Mei (2nd daughter) & Elaine Tam Sook Ling (youngest daughter),
What are the similarities between three of them?? Yes! You are right, their surname.. All of them having "Tam" as their surname, means they are siblings. Yes,

Stephanie is my eldest sister, Sook Mei is my older sister. I had the best sisters in my life. They are my role model, they are my supporter, they made my day, they made me who am i today. Not to forget my parent, who guide me all the way throughout my 24 years (approaching 25 years) in this world.

So as an appreciation for the supports and guides, all of us try our best to make you proud. At last, we manage to fulfill our promises by having the mortar board on our head, with the certificate on our hand, receiving the scroll on the stage as a degree holder. I'm so proud of my sisters for their determination in achieving what they are today.

She work so hard to earn money to finance her studies, with the intention to release the burden of my parents. She work so hard to pass her subjects, without ever thinking to give up, even after many times of failing. Their determination, their willpower, their dedication, their motivation becoming part of me, part of my motto.

Me myself might not be the best, but with them, we are the best! I hope we made both of you proud and made your day memorable. I know you will proud of us, for making such a remarkable memory in our life. MOM, DAD! Thank you for everything, thank you for being there when we need you, being such an understanding parents. We are proud of having both you in our life. Thank you.

Group photos

Stephanie (eldest sister), Sook Mei (older sister), Elaine Tam (me)


  1. OMG! you've put this up.... and side by side tim.....

  2. Of course! Its such a memorable moments for all of us!

  3. understanding parents? or understanding mummy (ONLY)

  4. any way~~ i really proud of u all.... when  i talk to my friend bout my sister also smell good~~ ^^ but im is your all (shame)topic~~ ^^

  5. Hmmmmmm................he is being understanding *sometime only*.....the only thing he touched me is when he offer to give me RM200 per month when i was studying degree that time..knowing i have no extra pocket money *since all goes to course fees*

  6. Boy, no one will feel ashame of you...The most important thing you make yourself to be proud of..It's not too late to be there....You almost there...
    Trust me.......You can do it!!!

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