Saturday, July 26, 2008

:.. Serene Big Day ..:

"Elaine Tam, Jelisa Tan, Foong Mei Peng (Bobo), Sook Mei, Wai Kit (Kate), Wai Cheng (Serena)", 6 names, that used to be blended together as a strong volleyball team from SMKS 24, Shah Alam. Elaine Tam as the main setter, Mei Peng & Jelisa as the center spiker, Sook Mei as the fast ball and open ball spiker, Wai Cheng as open ball spiker, Wai Kit as our libero and medium-open ball spiker.

6 of us used to play volleyball together, going through HARD physical training together, joining school and district volleyball competition together, tearing because of sadness together (after lose the final game), tearing because of joyness together (after beating Mashushita 25-0), shout loud together for powerful spiking, jumping together for opposition blocking,etc etc etc... We really do alot of volleyball stunts together before.

It's at least 3-4 years back, and yet we still keep in touch, updating who's going to get marry soon, marry to who, etc etc. After Sook Mei's wedding on 7th August 2007, now its time for Wai Cheng (Serena) who will end her life as signorina/Miss becoming "Mrs" on 26th July 2008. As the times goes by, each of us starting to change, started to improved, started to go through a different lifestyle. But one thing remain the same, the friendship among us.

So, to prove that philosphoy, Mei Peng, Jelisa and I decided to join her big day, becoming one of her ji mui for the day! *wink*wink*. And to be part of the party who will PLAY the groom! Hahahah~~We reached quite early around 8++am, and the groom reach around 9++am. But not to forget, cam-whoring session for the whole day! :p

Bobo ~ Elaine ~ Jelisa

Elaine ~ Jelisa ~ Michelle ~ Kate Su

Corsage and ceremony theme ~ White colour

The clown for the day, Elaine Tam as the make-up artists

Our part for the day~ Pumpin' + A can of beer EACH

And 2 glasses of Chinese Beer for the groom

Next event, Love notes for the bride

Our sexy*sexy pose

Snap*Snap* again~~

All the heng tai's and chi mui's for the day
As i mentioned earlier, each of us seems to have change alot, especially physical appearances. One thing for sure, out hair (on head) grows longer as compare to our VOLLEYBALL century. As we do not need to bother tie it for our volleyball physical training. And me, obviously grow *abit* fatter due to hibernated from sports. Hehehehe~ Let's the picture talks...




Ex-SMKS 24 Volleyball players (representing Selangor one u know~ don't play play)

Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant, PJ is the location where Serena ends her single life. It was choosen as the restaurant for her wedding dinner. All of us reached around 730m - 8pm, and have a long chat before ends our volleyball team gathering. :) Hope everyone of us can still keep in touch.

Wedding favor *Beryl's Choc*

End the party with group photo *posing*

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