Saturday, July 12, 2008

:.. Not to forget ..:

Not to forget to thanks them who gaves me presents for my graduation. It's just like my birthday, receiving different types of presents from my beloved family members. Flowers, Facial Sauna, and not to forget the limited edtion pen drive from Stephanie and Lee, which was given few months back, soon after i announced "I WAS GRADUATED" notification.

It's a week later, after my actual graduation day, and yet i'm still updating news about my graduation. Hehehe! What to do, lazy to update this few weeks. Please bear with me... *wink*wink*

However, it's happy when thinking back the times where i stay up late to do revision, take bus to go for class, sleep late till afternoon or evening when i'm not having any class, and so on so on. Now i'm here working as engineer in semi-conductor company, and its almost a year (8 months).
I'm not that happy working in this company, too many conflicts, too many pressure, too many works. You might be saying you will get those anywhere no matter which company you are working in, but thats not how it should be for my ideal company. My ideal company environment is a happy but enjoyable and comfortable company. Aii~~~ don't talk about those, and let's share my presents for the day.

It's all mine!! Mine!!

Sunflower from my 2nd sister in law-Yoke Kuan

Lovely graduates bear from my lover

Graduation Photo Frame from my 2nd sister, May

Facial Sauna from my eldest brother & his family

LIMITED EDITION Kingston Pen Drive from Stephanie (my eldest sister) & Lee (che fu)

Fuyoh!!With Mouse picture some more..


  1. hallo.... i gave u ur graduation gift the day u got your result k.... limited edition somemore....

  2. Hahah~~ Ya Ya Ya.. The cute and tiny but powerful special edition pen drive!

    Everybody will know i'm a MOUSE! :p

  3. 'from eldest sis and che fu' cannot one meh... *jealous*

    wahahahahaha joking joking....